What type of person votes National front?

Would you vote for Le Pen?

And why?
Is Farrage the British version of NF,

will anyone answer this?

Xenophobic, selfish and narrow minded.

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I do hope that Pen does not get in next time round!

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Go along with that Jane but would add ‘Idiots’.

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You suddenly find out things about people/friends and you just can not accept them.

Different people have different priorities and values. The far right parties know that large groups of the population agree with what they promote. In my opinion Boris J made his letter box comment because he knew that it would be giggled about in pubs across the land and gain him some, (what others would consider undesirable, followers). The real problem is that you can’t label people as being selfish, narrow minded idiots just because they have different ideals. National pride is and always has been a huge thing for many people and, again in my opinion, at least one of the previous posters on this thread often displays those characteristics themselves.

Yes I can accept that but Le Pen stands for keeping out foreigners and perhaps what she and her party might call mongrels. I can not accept that friendship from people who hate so much the people who I love and care about. It is not in me hate but on the same time I can not hold hands with someone who thinks like this.
My friends are and always will be of all religions and all colours, all shapes and sizes and they all belong here.

Why can’t you accept that people have different experiences, different ideas, different values? I can’t imagine why anybody would vote for Labour … or Corbyn … but holy heck enough people do and I have to respect their ideas and keep those people as friends despite political and idealistic differences. They have their own opinions whcih are as true to them as mine are to me. But I wouldn’t insult them because they have different ideas to mine. And no I’m not supporting the NF but clearly they are offering something that fulfils a need or a wish. What’s that Indian expression “never judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins”. Someone else’s opinion is as valid as anybody else’s … just different.


Different views fine but racism is not fine!
Sandy racism is the foundation of war…this has been proven.


yes, fair point. But look beyond that, what else is the NF offering? (I have no idea by the way, haven’t read their stuff). Surely it’s not all about keeping those ‘pesky foreigners’ out …

When we first arrived our commune was largely centre & left of centre with maybe 6 people voting FN, about 3%. At the last election something like 60 people, or 30%. Same people…just an ordinary rural population who had been swayed by the media, especially the young who really don’t have any great understanding of historical racisism. In my opinion they are narrow minded rather than rabidly racist & xenophobic. After all our mayor has never even been to Paris!

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Like it or not here are the UK NFs policies

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well I can’t say I disagree with their policies on law and order … that doesn’t make me an NF supporter but that’s one policy that I would find attractive as might many others

‘The National Front will halt all non-white immigration into Britain… and introduce a policy of phased and humane repatriation.’

From NF _“Britain to remain a white country”_ official policy…

Ambitious plans! Sounds vaguely familiar to these tired old ears…

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I could probably find some snippets of policy I could agree with, but really this is all pure fantasy. I wonder how many NF supporters have ever bothered to read this nonsense.

I love a bit of fantasy, Chris. How about this gentle spoof on NF(UK) public policy on all non-white immigration being halted?

Information to Passengers

You have been identified by security crew on this flight as a non-white passenger.

On arrival at Heathrow, please follow the directions to the Racial Security Check, bringing this leaflet with you.

Join the line appropriate to Racial Code shown on the leaflet. B is for Black, C is for Coloured (lighter-skinned blacks) and I is for Indeterminate (non-White).

Women in all categories should remove any make up or hairpieces/wigs. Men with facial hair should unbutton their shirts to expose the upper body.

Passengers in Line I will be tested using a non-intrusive electronic colorimeter which will accurately determine skin colour and racial type. The results of this test are definitive under Code XYZ of UK law.

To avoid errors in testing, persons with gold teeth or gold dental implants should inform a security official who will mark your skin with an indelible indicator for future reference.

We hope you will not be unduly inconvenienced by this procedure, which is designed solely to ensure national security and to preserve racial homogeneity.

Thank you for your cooperation and welcome to the United Kingdom, however short your stay may be.


Your previous post implied that you had right wing beliefs, the NF just takes those beliefs a bit farther.

Every group will have something of enticement as part of their policy package.
But I was not around during the last war but none of us need a history lesson to
tell us what it was all about and how horrific it was.
National Front is something else…it is not just conservative it is about expelling all foreigners; all gay people and its composition mirrors Nazi Germany…

Law and Order well…lets see why do so many prisioners get their drugs in prision?

Because there is not enough law and order!
The power to stop it is there but there is no order.

Who is wrong there…tell me please?

What kind of numbers vote for the French National Front? Is it a fringe party or is it likely when you go to the supermarket or eat in restaurants you might be mixing with them?

I’m not aware of any electoral success from NF in the UK so apart from naming conventions not comparable.

Nationalist parties exist in Wales and Scotland, Plaid Cymru and SNP why do folks vote for them? AfD in Germany seem to be working their way up, what’s their manifesto?

I do though pity the English at times as it seems one of only a few countries where nationalists are automatically branded racists and bigots. For the record I see myself as a one nation conservative shying away from the provincial politics.