What will I do if my startup pays me less in the notice period of terminating my periode d'essai?


So my trial period (periode d’essai) with a small Parisian startup will come to an end on July 16, 2019 as they’re letting me go, after almost three months of working there (I started April 23, 2019). As much as I accept that, I’m bit concerned that they may try to pay me less for the two weeks’ notice period. Why I sense this is irrelevant here. But my question is: if they do pay me less for these two weeks’ notice period, what should I do first? Should I go to a small claim’s court? Should I hire an attorney and take them to such a court? Some legal advice needed here. Of course, I won’t hold you responsible for this kind of legal advice. But still some suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!!

What does your contract state you should be paid?

The contract states a gross yearly salary, which they’ve paid me corrzectly so far. I’m guessing here the exact amount isn’t important? Thanks! I 'll follow up after receiving your reply :slight_smile:

My suggestion is that you ask your supervisor, or the person who took you on.

That is, of course, if you have no written contract or agreed terms and conditions that apply to your période d’essaie.

Your concerns (sense/suspicion?) about your exit are as plainly relevant to your request for advice as they could as plainly be! Why you say they aren’t puzzles me lots!

IF this happens, I suggest you contact the works inspector for your region (via DIRECCTE). They are the ones who enforce employment law.
AFAIK the small claims procedure in France doesn’t cover labour disputes, it’s basically a procedure to recover unpaid commercial debts.
Lawyering up tends to be used as a last resort in France. The legal system is effective, but slow and expensive.
I have to say I would be surprised if any company blatantly broke an employment contract without legal justification. They know what the likely consequences will be and for a start up it could jeopardise their future. Of course if you think they don’t actually have a future, that’s a different matter.