What would you do with a EuroMillions Win?

These hard-working folk have got an exciting/challenging time ahead…

Yes brilliant…I hope they use the money wisely.
Well one of the things which we would do is open a cat
sanctuary here in our region.
More work for the vets…more staff to be hired at the vets.

Would employ people to work in it.
Would modify our garden so that it was amazing…not just
very nice.
Would then be part of open gardens…with the occasional
fund raising tea parties.

If I won even 20 thousand euros I would share it between my children and if there was anything left it would go to a humanitarian association and I say IF i won.

Suppose that that is normal Carol…
We do not have children and we adore animals…especially cats.

Spend a lot more time in France, that’s for sure.

Well, ‘good Ray’, would pick up with Paul and Carol; move to France this weekend, sort out something for the kids and smile a lot more.
Considering the other discussions of the week, would I be taken out and stoned if ‘Bad Ray’ said he would consider getting a good tax accountant?!!!

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Everyone has their own special preferences…only natural…

A very long time ago… OH and I discussed what we would do with “millions”…and from being a joke-topic it turned into quite a serious conversation over several months…

Our final verdict was: Get best advice to “legally” avoid as much tax as possible; form a strictly-controlled charity to fund operations for needy children (with us remaining anonymous); give sufficient to friends and family to enable them to pay off their debts…and if there was still a small amount left for us… well, that would need a bit more thought…

Now, years down the line… that is still the route we would take…