What would you like to see here?

Just a quick poll to find out from everyone what you would like to get out of this photography club. Competitions or tutorials perhaps? Whatever it may be, please leave a comment on this thread and lets see if we can get this group moving and taking some great photos!



It’s always an issue - people are often the most interesting thing out there, and yet they are also the ones who will come over and give you a hard time if you’re not careful!

I must admit that I’ve been quite sneaky with my camera phone quite often, in a way you can’t with a ‘real’ camera…

Actually I have followed your camera phone photo series and you take fab photos with with it! I love your street photography especially when you capture people doing things, both ordinary and interesting. I’m always shy about taking photos of people…it feels like I might be invading their privacy. Maybe the little camera on your phone helps you be less obvious about taking pictures?

Hi Sab

I meant using them via YouTube’s embed code option, but I couldn’t see it on your channel.



Hi James, thanks :smiley:
I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘use them on here’. They’re on my video tutorials blog and You Tube, so they are there just to be used in any way anyone wants to use them!
Cheers, Sab

That’s very nice of you Evelyn - really sweet of you to say so. As to the camera you have… maybe you haven’t arrived at any of the pages where I say that I don’t care in the slightest what sort of camera you have!

I’m a firm believer in the shots being made first and foremost by the photographer’s mind and heart, not the machine they are using. My proof of that is that I publish a creative photo every day using only the crappy little camera on my telephone, which I assure you is far less technically competent than your Canon Powershot and thanks to that I’m more excited about my photography than I have been in years!

I think the Canon Powershots are great and I’ve had a couple in my time. Keep shooting Parisians Evelyn, it’s one of my favourite passtimes ;-D

These look great Sab, I’m sure they would be of interest to the group, can we use them on here do you think?


I have to give Sab a testimonial…his online tutorials are great! He’s an engaging presenter and his critiques of his and other’s’ photos are very informative and inspiring. I discovered his website when I before I came to France; I’d love to do a class with him In Paris (which might be possible now that I’m actually here!) The only deterrent I have is that I don’t use a DSLR camera; I opted to stay with my Canon Powershot SX110 to keep the bulk and weight down. How about a place here for those of us who use the point & shoot variety???

Based on what people have just said, I’ll quickly mention that I have 130 10-minute You Tube Photo Tutorials relating to street photography in Paris, and we also have photo meet ups in Paris on a regular basis for anyone who’s interested.

Tutorials linked to a theme which can be used over a period of a couple of months to create an on line ehibition would be great.

Tutorials are good but so many on line so links through to interesting and useful ones. Equipment swaps/buy/sell section. Services that we can supply i.e. slide scanning, large format printing, self publishing design of photographic books (me). Meet ups - I find it difficult to put aside time to visit a specific location for photography/painting. Most shots are taken because I happen to be there although I do need photographs for our gite/creative courses business. I like the monthly themes - maybe someone needs a specific shot for their business and we can all pitch in. I am happy for my photographs on Flickr to be used under creative commons so long as I get a credit.


I've always liked the look of Issuu http://www.issuu.com/


Some great ideas here, please keep them coming, I will get to it very soon!

Tutorials would be really cool! Especially for those of us just getting to grips with dslr cameras. How about some info on the advantages/disadvantages of RAW v JPEG - Maybe some sections for those with individual camera makes like Nikon, Canon? It’s good to see this group beginning to come alive.