What you can do about about the Winter Fuel Payment

What you can do about about the Winter Fuel Payment

If you are moved to protest by the discrimination over the removal from the end of 2015 of the Winter Fuel Payment ........ You could copy and paste the following [that between the ****] in a new mail, and send to the email address given here below. It indicates a parliamentary technique which is used rarely to halt the implementation of a Statutory Instrument. It has to be activated within 40 days of the tabling of the Statutory Instrument. If the clerk receives a large number - something might be done. regards Brian.

To the clerk –W&P Committee workpencom@parliament.uk


Dear Madam. Please convey the following message immediately to the Committee. To members of the Select Committee for Work & Pensions It is urged that a ‘prayer’ an EDM as follows is laid before parliament before the 24th January (40 days after the SI was laid) Early Day Motion (prayer) Winter Fuel Payment to British Citizens in EU countries. The Statutory Instrument 2014 No. 3270 (laid before PARLIAMENT on the 15th December 2014 restricting payment to pensioners residing in countries incorrectly called by the DWP ‘hot’ of the EU should be annulled. After the General Election, the matter may then be appropriately reconsidered by the new Parliament. 1. It discriminates against certain groups of British Citizen pensioners residing in certain States of the EU, some of whom are already in financial difficulties. 2. This SI almost certainly contravenes the UK treaty agreement with the EU on social security co-ordination.


This may also interest you. This link came to my attention this morning concerning weather conditions in Spain. http://spanishnewstoday.com/expat-anger-over-scrappage-of-winter-fuel-allowances-for-expats-in-spain_20776-a.html#.VK406cmrHMo