What young men have impressed you recently?

I was reflecting on the dire state of political debate, and the total lack of anyone adequate for next UK PM. But then remembered all the impressive young people I’ve seen and heard recently. If that’s the next generation then there’s hope and the sooner some of the current guard go into retirement the better.

Young people like Thandiwe Abdullah - anti racism, Emma Gonzalez - gun control in US, Malala Youfsafzai - human rights, Greta Thunberg - environmental issues, Ahmed Tamimi - Palestine and loads more.

But I couldn’t think of a single young man! Can you?

My youngest grandson who is now becoming bilingual.
He had resisted it, but started to use English the last time he stayed with us.
He is now proud of speaking English.
Other than him, the answer is no.


Likewise Jane, my 18 year-old stepson Alan. Distraught at his Papa’s death in October last year he is determined to make him proud and do well at University. He’s a credit to his Papa and Maman (and me his stepmum) and an exceptional young man.

It’s not necessary to be in the public eye to be impressive.


How about Billy Monger, the lad who lost both his legs in a racing accident. Down to earth, realistic, accepts his handicap and is turning into a bloody good racing driver


Great shout Mark. A very impressive young man.

Absolutely! But I am more wondering about the next generation of political leaders, voices for social change and that sort of thing. Perhaps they’ll all be women :relieved:


In my old home-town in England an anonymous young man (young teenager) was spotted as he entered a park, picked up the litter and placed it in the bin.
Reported in the local Facebook group.
Take my hat off to him.


Maybe the great leaders and influencers of the future will be women. Although I’m not sure that would be any better judging by the current crop of women politicians - with a few exceptions such as Jess Phillips for example.

Maybe we need another young William Hague! :grin:

Nobody will ever need another young William Hague.


Politically I agree Véronique. An awful little squit when he first turned up at the Tory Party Conference but apparently he’s turned into quite a good biographer by all accounts. Unlike Rees -Smugg whose The Victorians was panned by A N Wilson as " ‘a staggeringly silly piece of history’ … by a politician with an obvious agenda" . So no Lytton Strachey when it comes to young Mogg.

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@M Robbins (not sure where this post will end up !)
Yes, he’s a wonderful young man. Saw the original accident - terrible. Impressive young man following his dream with determination.

But he is a Brexiteer.

Found one; Magid Magid. Well done him.

Is it only young men who impress you, Jane? Not young people in general? Why is that? :stuck_out_tongue:

@aneczka Did you read the thread? Or just respond to the title? My whole point is that I’m seeking equality.