Whats a good International bank in France

Hi, I would like to hear from you on which bank would you recommend - I need to open a bank for receiving my paycheck, I already have account in La Poste where all my bills are taken out from, I’m always traveling so I need a card that can be used everywhere and with reasonable fees. Also looking to get a credit card (for emergency) along with my savings account.
Thank you in advance! Regards, L

Doesn’t La Poste offer those services? Most French banks tend to be regional rather than national, let alone international. Some people use HSBC or Barclays both of which operate in both France and the U.K.

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Flo and I have an HSBC France account to mirror our UK account with them.

It makes it very easy to deal with the internet banking as both accounts are visible when logged in and transfers between the accounts is free of fees…but the rate is not as good as a specialist broker.

We can do all our French banking on-line from the UK just as easily as our UK banking - all from one log-on session.