What's changing 1st August 2023


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Please don’t take this the wrong way @Stella but why on earth do you keep posting links to French media sites?

Most readers can either a) read it themselves or b) use a translation app.

Please do feel free to continue posting a link, giving a rough translation if you think necessary and then giving your own opinion. That would be great !


You’ve lost me… is there a problem with Sud Ouest?

please can you close this thread… cheers.

Well I had never heard the term until mentioned here and now I understand why people keep asking me 'do I want a ticket? ’ So thank you @Stella

I do want the card receipt, I keep them and keep track of my bank account with them, but I can do without the detailed receipts if that is what is mooted. I do keep those from the supermarket though, not the others, as I use them to form my own opinion of the cost of living rise or fall here.


Personally I find Stella’s willingness to scan French media and post the interesting/useful bits here quite helpful.


Stella, thanks for the efforts you put into sharing newsworthy/interesting items you find in the media. You make a huge contribution to this forum and as a relative newcomer I very much appreciate it.


Stella your unbiased contributions are very helpful to a lot of us.
Thank you so much.


I’m not sure @Stella’s comments are truly unbiased, I reckon the Association of Maires and Mairies have got her on retainer as their PR consultant for starters :sweat_smile::joy::kissing_heart:


Yes I find them useful too, Stella. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well that is probably one bit of Stella’s advice I don’t follow very often as I had(23 years ago) an altercation with the Maire of our village over a mobile phone antenna placed over the primary school and avoided the Mairie if possible(However back then French ex sorted out my many administration problems for me so didnt need to)But they are or were the first port of call for many aspects of life here.

Ok I’m obviously wrong if the general feeling is that these posts are useful !

@Stella do you still want me to close this thread?

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I do accept that Sud Ouest is your local area, but we are Est and I think that coverage for all of France would be more appropriate.


In fact most of what @Stella is reporting IS national. It just so happens that Sud Ouest is her preferred French paper. Obviously re “what’s on” stuff, that is local.
You could always do the same Jane for your part of France.


That sounds like a potential nightmare to me tbh, we could end up with multiple articles of basically the same stuff from various local newspapers. It’s a shame there isn’t a single national source that covers this sort of edumational stuff. The government sites are very dry, and most of the nationals are focused on global news, but I do get irritated when I click the a link about XYZ and find it only gives information/ maps for that area, which I’m not in. It’s not the end of the world obviously but it just becomes much less useful.

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Morning @cat …

It’s quite possible that I get a bit zap-happy, while stuck at my computer, waiting for a particular email or call to come in.

I think you made a fair comment… I should have explained what I had found interesting in the article… mea culpa.

@Jane_Williamson, must confess I do tend to home-in on Sud Ouest as that’s where I live…
They give me World news, French national news and then the SW regional stuff.
I also checkout Ouest, which gives similar cover and then a little higher West.

If you have a similar newspaper which I can add to the mix, I promise to browse on through… :wink: :+1: (just send me the link).

But, don’t forget, this is a forum and we’re all in it together :rofl: :rofl: :wink: :wink:
if you find something of interest (whatever) why not make your own thread or add it to an existing one…

Anyway, the sun is shining and the birds are singing their hearts out…

I think that for many of us … the hike in Electricity costs +10% is the most important change due on 1st August…

As for Tickets at the checkouts… Like @David_Spardo I’ll ask upfront, if I really, really want/need one… :wink: :wink: … (the Bankcard receipt is a must-have which, I believe, will continue anyway)
and, of course, Guarantees etc will still be printed…

Oh, what joy!!! Peages and Parkings… they’ll continue to print the tickets etc… if you push the button… :+1: :rofl:

One interesting change for those wealthy folk… :wink: :rofl:
The LEP ceiling is due (hopefully) be raised to 10,000 and, although the interest rate has dropped 1%… getting 6% is still a reasonable return.
I have a very small LEP and will accept all offers of cash, to enable me to reach the 10k :crossed_fingers: :+1: :rofl:

EDIT: LEP is only dropping by 0.1% … silly me… but I’m still willing to help you look after your cash… :wink: :wink: :wink:


Suppression des tickets de caisse

I love my digital supermarket receipts – long may they continue. I never liked the paper ones, screwed up in a wallet or lost somewhere in my shoulder bag or shopping bag or found sodden in a pocket of my jeans in the washing machine.

They have their own folder in my inbox, with a romantic crime novel identity in the sense that I can demonstrate to the officer with a click of the mouse that I was in fact in SuperU on the same day and time of the bank robbery!

Couldn’t determine though from the article whether the digital receipts are to be banished as well.

You’ll still get the info via internet … stopping the tickets is to save the trees etc etc… all good stuff for the planet !

My main concern will be checking the prices of special offers.
Shops do make mistakes on labelling (not often, but it happens)… and provided I can be sure that my " buy 2 get 1 at 20% off" actually scans correctly… all well and good…

I’ve not gone the internet route… as my inbox is already rather large/full… but that might be the only way … I shall wait and see… :wink:

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