What's everyone making?

Just wondering what everyone else is making.

I’m trying to get reversible dresses , dungarees and tousers cut out, that’s my profesional hat!! yes I do make soft hats as well.

I have 2 sofa covers half done as I have to for a first fit tommorow.

What I am realy interested in though is having a trail run of my new draft of a larger (2 year old) Tutu pattern which I have cut out but didn’t get get chance to stich yesterday evening. Hope I get chance today. If I stop taking tea breaks and reading forums and news groups I might stand a chance!! LOL

Happy stitching.

sounds wonderful - I love Noro yarn. I sell wool at very reasonable prices as it is mass produced and far less damaging to bank balance!! Will check out posh yarn - thanks!

I don’t have as much time to ‘make’ as I would like, due to being a busy mum of 3! :slight_smile: However when I do get chance I love to cross stitch and sew. My last project was a new peg bag, and before that I made two simple rag dolls for my girls who are 1 and 3 - they have been a massive hit. It’s great to know what everyone else is making, although it may prove detrimental to my ironing output if I get too inspired :wink:

I love sewing and, yes, it is much more immediate than knitting. I need the kids to leave home so I can take over one of their rooms (lol). You could try knitting with super bulky yarn - I also am selling yarns which make one scarf for one ball (see Flamenco types on my site) also beautiful shawl yarns

I have never tried knitting socks - Iremember my mum used to knit them for my uncle Alf as Christmas presents - he was a miner in Shropshire.

Lace knitting looks like it needs a lot of attention - I tend to be a telly knitter and made the mistake of taking on a cable sweater which consequently took me most of the winter to knit!!.

Where did you get your yarn from?

That sounds lovely. i wish I could knit fast enough to do it seriously but I often loose interest when I can’t make it fast enough. I have the same problem with reading in French V reading in English.
I sorted the Tutu, which I made in pink T shirt fabric with a bright pink net.
I’m pleased with it It’s a good shape. I need to be more generous with the net for the skirt when I cut the even bigger sizes but it will pass very well. I’m only intending them to be for dressing up not serious dancing.