Whats in a name

I have received an email this morning from I assume admin.
"Please will you amend your Registration to show your full name. This is a friendly forum… and we do like to know with whom we are chatting…"
It appears that my social media name of menopausemeg makes me unfriendly. I can sign up on here using any name, it doesnt have to be my own name, so I could call myself Vera Friend. Its not my real name but that means you all know to whom your chatting. This is one of those things that makes no sense to me. Do the admin really have the time to go through the membership list trying to work out if you are legit?

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Hi Christine… as I have already said to you…this is a very friendly forum and we would simply like you to put your full name on the forum Registration. I have also stated quite clearly that this will not affect your pseudonym.

So, will you please comply with my very simple request… please… :relaxed:


For the life of me… I cannot see why anyone finds it difficult to give their name and would consider (even in jest perhaps) giving a false name… on Registration for this forum or elsewhere…

Unless someone is a famous enough to be recognised by the use of just one name (eg Valentino) when the question “Name” is asked… it is surely common sense to give first and last name… the name which appears in full on the Tax Declaration will do nicely…

I do not think there is anyone famous enough on our Forum… though I am prepared to be proved wrong…


Hi Christine
As co founder of this site, I’d like to first of all thank Stella for replying before me (thank you Stella!) and also, to make the point that we’ve found that using real names in the registration process stops any of the ‘nastiness’ that is so often a feature of online communities. This in turn means that Survive France requires very little / almost zero ‘moderation’ which means that everyone benefits. Hope this clarifies !
Catharine x