What's in a name

folk might find this interesting… gives the departments… and then if you click on the map… on the department you seek… it gives you the towns…


I don’t understand. What does it tell you?

there is public information on virtually everywhere in France … (some places have more info than others)

As the site says, it started in 2004, due to the demand of folk wanting to know more about their area and the folk who live(d) there…

You can find the description of locals… ie Beauvais-sur-Tescou
Gentilé : Beauvaisois, Beauvaisoises

and even more…

Thanks for that Stella I found it very interesting , and some very small communes got a reference which is unusual

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Wikipedia are pretty good at it too.

It gives a list of demonyms like Manchester = mancunian etc etc

Interesting stuff.

Thanks. I saw that, but was looking for something deeper!

Sometimes superficial is good

La Mouche (50320)

Gentilé : Moucherons, Moucheronnes

Definitely NOT mouchoirs!

Wiki is very useful… but does have its disclaimer… :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

the French site is very useful and (perhaps) gives a little more indepth info…

whatever, there is always room for more and more information…

Such as ?

Precisely - nothing to be found!

I’m well aware of the limitations of Wikipedia and thought most people would be to. In this context is another source of the same information.

Exactly so… (I wasn’t knocking it)

as I said… always room for more…

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Does it really matter? Stella posted something she thought maybe helpful

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cheers Eddie…

as we were discussing names for locals… on another thread… it reminded me about this site.

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If someone has a site/link which give more info/different info… let’s have it… please

Sure, it’s not a big deal. It was a simple misunderstanding.

Brian… can you tell us what sort of information you are seeking… ???

some more links… fingers tapping… lots of info once you start digging…


apologies if the links double up on some information… :zipper_mouth_face: