What's Reglo like, it's the mobile service of E.Leclerc?

I’ve been looking for a PAYG data contract so I can go on-line for a few weeks each time I’m in France. Reglo do one for 20€/month without contract so not quite the same as PAYG in the UK but seems a good deal. Downside appears to be if you don’t use for a month then you lose your number- no problem as I’ll only use the data bit.

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Well, the whole account goes (not just the phone bit)… but I think it’s more a case that if you don’t pay in to re-fund the account then after a month it goes. You can top-up on line. IIRC when we used Reglo, the main feature which attracted us was the fact that the funds remaining on the account at the month end were carried over whereas with other providers (Orange I recall) at the end of the month any funds remaining were forfeited. Your monthly fee (it was 1,50€ per month when we had the accounts) is deducted from the remaining balance and if there is insufficient funds to pay the monthly fee, they email you to advise and if you ignore and don’t pay, the account is lost (along with the number and the ability to access data).

I have had a basic Reglo A/C for a number of years.
Costs 1.5 ‎€ a month whether you use it or not, but is more expensive for calls. I rarely use it and keep it primarily for receiving bank security codes and in case of a car breakdown. Even if you don’t make calls, you don’t lose the A/C so long as you keep it in credit.
They will send you an email if you fail to top it up.
But Orange has the best coverage, with many times the number of masts, So if you are in a remote location, or need to be sure of a signal almost everywhere, that is the way to go.

My wife has a Réglo sim only account, it is 8 euros per month with loads of data and unlimited calls etc and can be cancelled at anytime - with such an offer I can’t see the point of payg.

I have reglo for the same reasons. But I have noticed that the internet hardly works at all, on the rare occasions that I could have needed it. I’ll have to get round to enquiring about it…

we have the basic reglo account as well.
As we have not had a telephone line since the 15th December, we topped up our basic account which wasn’t too expensive.
We have been ‘promised’ that our line and the other 14 houses in the same situation as ourselves, that all will be fixed by the end of July.
Orange has kindly offered to repay our abonnements, but no mention of compensation.

One of my friends had a Réglo SIM but discovered that he couldn’t use it as a hot spot as he had hoped to do.

Reglo kept deleting my online account, making it difficult for me to top up etc.

I have been with Reglo for about 5 years with no problems at all.
We use the 9.95€ a month forfeit and it is more than enough in terms of calls, SMS and data.
You can increase or decrease your forfeit monthly simply online depending on your usage patterns.
If “roaming” in other countries of the EU and U.K. you get 60mins calls, 100 SMS and 5gb data which is more than enough for my use.
I use my phone as a hotspot for my iPad if I am away in my Campervan and again never have a problem.
Reglo use e the SFR network for connection which covers about 95% of France so if you are not getting service you must be well unlucky.
If you change phones as we did a couple of years ago and the SIM is the wrong size, they will change it once free of charge.
As others have said you need to keep the account topped up to preserve your connection and number, but the easy way to do this is to do a. Direct debit or top up twice a year with a big enough amount.


I also have a campervan. How was this sim for internet connection from your van when you were out of France but in EU please or did you use something else

Hi Steve , no problems in EU and UK but only get 5gb data but in UK now and using it without any issues
Only get 5gb data on roaming though. It really is very good. We are on a farm in north of england now and have got 30mbs speed on 4g
Hope that helps

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