What's the Cost of a Concrete Floor?

Hi all - now I know I'm a Quantity Surveyor and should know this stuff.

Could anyone help me out with giving me an idea of the price to pull up an old timber floor (30m² at ground floor level) and install a new vapour barrier, insulation and a 10cm deep concrete floor with reinforcement over the 30m² and it is just about square in form.

It would be straight onto the existing 'terre battue' so I'd probably want a small sand blind too.

I'd want it done by a reputable tradesman too and it is in the Charente close to Confolens. I've not had any quotations yet and would like to get a ball park figure before I start wasting anyone's time.

Thanks in advance

Hi Doron,

This is a while after your original reply but could you tell me the difference between plastic fibre (and what is it?) and the usual iron reinforcement?


Good luck!

That's brilliant Doron, that gives me enough to say the concrete works will be around 2 to 2.5 thousand - great stuff. Right now to find out if my mam wants it done before the floor finally gives up the ghost.

Hi Nick, Just finishing a near-identical project in Charente Maritime - 36 sq. metre ground floor room, old floor rotten in parts, joists rotten through where they were in contact with the stone. Floor and joists ripped out, 'aggregate'/hardcore laid, sand layer, compacted, termite treatment of soil, vapour barrier, 7-10 cm of concrete (plastic fibre reinforced i.e. not steel mesh), joists for new floor and a chestnut plank floor laid. The main differences with your project seem to be the area, and whether or not you will be installing a wood floor or whether the concrete base will have to come up higher for tiles i.e. bigger or smaller volume of aggregate filler. Our floor was about a foot above the ground. Let me give you the total cost and then identify the items that may differ. Total cost was 3970 Euros. This includes eight days labour for one person (local builder at 140 Euros/day with me as the skivvy)(It took four days to strip the old floor and lay the concrete base, and another four for two of us to lay the new wooden floor). Wood for new floor was 1300 Euros for 36 sq m. Cost includes 11 tons of aggregate (course and fine), 3 tons of sand, cement, battens, fixings and the rest of the materials and also includes hire of a cement mixer. Hope this helps. I say 'just finishing' - the work described was done last summer but the floor is not sanded or varnished. Sanding is scheduled for tomorrow.

Thanks Robert.

According to a friend of mine who used to be a builder under "mini autoprise" ( or whatever it is) there are rates applied to every building activity available at the Chambre des Metiers....is this not the case??

It took me a week to do my own if that helps, same area, and I mixed my own.....very sweaty work...even in April.

@Chris_George saw this and thought might be of use to you, Happy Birthday by the way!