What's the property market doing in your area?

I thought as we are such a widespread and disparate group, it would be interesting to see how we all see the property market in our areas. I live in Charente and in Paris.

Paris is always on the rise but in the last six months, prices have been stagnant.

In the Charente I see a lot of desertification that has really been going on since about 2004. It seems that your Euro is buying more and more square metres. Does anyone else see the same? How is it happening in your part of France?

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Chris you are 100% right! I bought my first house in France in 72 and spent 5x the purchase price on it. I still have it but it's let out now although I still love it it's too small but shows a better yield than London property! The house I currently live in I spent 6x the purchase price on and it ticks more boxes for me than could be ticked by any comparable house, that's why I live here! Maybe loads of other people wouldn't be happy with my choice, or your choice, but we are all different!

We bought in 2004 and although we've spent over €60,000 on improvements I am under no illusion that we would get any more than we paid for it. But, we're happy here and staying put, so who cares?

Property market? What property market? Nothing selling in southern Tarn. Neighbours have had theirs for sale 6 months and not one single enquiry, even though it's "des res" country house with a few hectares.

On the other hand, English friends have just bought in Charente Maritime,near Surgères, so there's life up there!

Not banking on it Sheila...Ive noticed that in hospital here you can watch TV, if you pay for it... ditto radio....now I am sneaking in my laptop with dongle...and will be able to watch all and everything on Filmon for free...how long before they attempt to remove it from me? guarantee I will be chucked out within 24 hours!

Hi Carol. Wishing you the best for tomorrow. Hope you have your laptop charged and we can hear from you "live broadcast" from the hospital bed! :-) xx

Cheers Jane..

Hope all goes well tomorrow.

Well thats a positive at least Jane...

We have Australians buying in the Clunisois as well. They are part of our target market for our gite as they seem to love this area!

They're going for Viet Nam and I have that sorted for when they get there, the former royal family knows everybody and my colleague happens to be one of them....

A friend of mine sells property in Thailand David Mitchel in Bangkok but sells stuff outside too


Coincidence has it, that before turning to you now, I was replying to friends Jörg and Gisela who are in Bangkok. Their flat near the centre of Berlin is up for sale, good old place, one of the ones that the 1944/45 bombardment did not damage at all (not many of those either). The price is on the slide and they want a quick sale, but the only people viewing are Russians who are trying shave even more off the price. They are looking to buy in SE Asia and have an open ticket until mid-October next to give them the time to do it in. Their panic is that the German government has pushed itself too hard and the rest of the Euro countries will demand a price for Merkel's approach to the Euro economy. I can easily see the Euro surviving, France and Germany paying the price and these not being the place to be. Bear in mind Carol, I have a German pension which is far more than the UK one I will get beginning next year and when things get tough they will reduce such benefits as state pensions which they have done before. I also accept how France is and have no intention of leaving. All in all, along with the lingering UK connection through the forty something quid a week, my strong German connections and being here I am in it up to my ears. I wish we had thrown caution to the wind and gone to Portugal as we originally wanted, but here we are and shall stay.

Thanks C and J! David...I probably know your wife...I worked at Basingstoke from 1979 on and off...and left there is 2005...just gone back as a bank nurse..whilst finding a proper job...ie...full time contract. I have no idea what Bloc Operation is...but its not so vast a building that we would have missed each other....and Prospect Place is a couple of minutes from us...we are in Enborne Road...so Im sure we've passed eachother by as well...

Agreed! And very good luck from us for tomorrow too

C&J xxx

that's seriously impressive, (Pentathlon, I mean)

Good luck! I used to live in Prospect Place Newbury before we came out in 2005. In fact my wife was a nurse and worked in Basingstoke Hospital ( Bloc Operation) and then a dental surgery in Newbury itself.

It was originally a pentathlon injury....high jump, long jump, hurdles and pole vault...it was my landing leg in the days when landing was in a solid pit of sand...not foam rubber, and I aggravated years later playing singles badminton...too much jumping and landing heavily....Ive been told following surgery I will not be able to play rugby....bug*er...there goes another sport!

what sport?

As I am oft heard to say...its a sports injury...not old age!