Whats this on my Beech tree? Need I worry?

At least one beech tree in our boundary thicket has these odd “berry” shaped growths on its new leaves.
I am in no way horricultural, so it may be normal…

Some sort of leaf gall by the look of it.

There will be a small mite larva in each

Beech Leaf Gall.

Cut out the infected branches, rake up the leaves.

This is an interesting link


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A healthy beech tree can cope with galls. I would just leave them be, and let nature take its course. 90% of them will be eaten by something else so unlikely to be a problem. You may well find they’ve all hatched anyway by now. If it upsets you, then spray the hedge with garlic tea early next spring to stop a new crop of eggs being laid.

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Thanks. It is an old tree, about 15m high, or more. Stella’s link seems to imply the mites are harmless, which would be good.
The tree would do no harm if it fell, or was felled. It is halfway along a 300m boundary between our field and our neighbour. If it had to co e down that would be a lot of firewood for each of us - in a few years time.
Main thing is that it seems not to be a major disease that is going to wipe out all deciduous trees within a few kilometres radius!