WhatsApp data sharing

WhatsApp recently announced that they will start sharing user data with Facebook.
People are seeing this as an unwelcome intrusion and are searching for alternatives…
There are some listed here for you to consider if this is an issue for you:

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Well posted. I have been using Telegram for years now and it is fabulous.

The Whats App issues have been going on for years. When FB was granted permission to buy them (had to go through some commission - brain block on word) they had to promise not to share WA users phone contacts (including those that don’t use WA of course - ALL contacts) - they lasted 18 months before they did so people who care about privacy stuff if they are in anyones phone with WA know that FB have their number.

Nothing much has changed in Europe regarding Whatsapp, they’ve been scraping our data for years.

Market forces?

Unwelcome but utterly unsurprising as FB owns WhatsApp.

I won’t have either dedicated app on my devices.

hear hear. The man shape has actually blocked their servers from our modem as we dont’ even want their ads etc infiltrating other sites we may use. Crazy how many apparently ‘independent’ websites use their photos (we just see a white space). Scary and we all need to stand up or if they carry on as they are there won’t be a free internet as we know it in 10 years it will just be a FB run net. so scary.


Following this discussion I was wondering about swapping to Telegram. However having just read about how it is becoming more and more the stomping ground of the far right, neo-nazis, white supremacists and other delightful people, and this is being allowed to happen, I think I’ve changed my mind and will stick with the known negatives aspect of Bill Gates and Co…


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