Wheelchair wanted

In case you missed it, James has now had his foot op and is encased in plaster. He is going to be on crutches for at least three months. I know his mobility will improve as time goes on but I remember from when I broke my ankle, just how long everything takes on crutches. It would be nice to be more mobile so that we can do family stuff and days out - so we need a wheelchair.

I'd assumed that there would be loads on the bon coin but there is nothing in the whole of Aquitaine!

It's a long shot but I wondered if anyone has one lurking in the garage? Or knows a neighbour / relative with one for sale? All leads very gratefully followed as we will both go completely mad if he is stuck inside for the next three months!


Get a ordnance from the doctor, they can be hired from any chemist.


There are quite a few at the moment at Emmaus on the outskirts of Pau; or there were a week last last Saturday.

Hi Catherine and James, hope the recovery is rapid. I believe the Croix-Rouge Française can sometimes help.

Thats great Mike do the RBL cover both sides or only the Greek side ?

I would certainly pursue a prescription or rental.

One bit of advice, do not rent or buy one of those worthless transfer chairs, they are rubbish on anything other than smooth lino. Get one which is self-propelled but can also be pushed.

I had a hip operation this year and the doctor gave me a prescription for one. I got it from the pharmacy for six months, totally free. Hope you feel better soon!

I had a replacement knee last year and got one from my local Pharmacist. No problem...just took it back when I'd finished with it.

Trusting that you'll get back on your feet soon James.

There are a couple in the Gironde on http://www.marche.fr.

Here in Cyprus the Royal British Legion (RBL) loan them out. Brilliant service.Donation when returned is all they ask

Thanks Liz :)

Can you get the doctor to give him a prescription for one? If so the local chemist will provide one. As a last resort you could hire one from them but will cost around 20 euro a week.

Hope James gets mobile soon :)

Can’t help with the wheel chair, but all the best for a speedy recovery James