Wheeled strimmer

Looks like you’ve done well with that lot, Colin!

Could have done with that kit quite a few years ago.

We’ve got a couple of donkeys - they would eat most of what you are cutting down, especially the brambles!

Better than goats, not as smelly , , ,

Does that feed the cutting line automatically or does it it need human intervention?

How easy is it to reload the cutting line spools?

Not automatically as it is lengths of line that push through the head past grippers and out the other side, I use lengths of cut plastic coated stainless steel wire from a spool.
I have seen that the auto spools do not work very well with them.

Going to get serious now, ordered one of these to try it :yum::laughing:


i’ve been looking for a second hand one.

Mine has done one hell of a lot of work over the last year, reclaimed and cleared 2 acre’s of scrubland.
Whatever the strimmer could not clear, the chainsaw did, clumps of reeds were that dence that only a chainsaw worked at clearing them.
The blade worked well.

In my experience clearing over 3 acres of steep hillside bracken, gorse, brambles the mayfield two wheeled tractor is a far better proposition. With other attachments it is a very useful tool. Google it.

It’s not worth the outlay for me, I use it once a year and then the mowers keep it cut for the rest of the year as it is flat paddock.
I had a Kubota version a couple of houses back as I had banking to cut but it is overkill for me now.

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I have one of these wheeled strimmers. Cost 80 euros, and works well. For brambles i have a 2 handed petrol one with blade, which cost 99 euros. works very well. I had an old petrol wheeled one with 3 foot heavy metal blade, but found it too heavy. The lightweight one works well, but i had to increase handle height, as found i was bent over. Will look for the make of mine, if anyone interested. It wont take blades, just cord.

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