Wheelie bins

Lauzun has gone over to bin collections coolected weekly for rubbish and fortnightly for recycling; some lucky people have been allocated wheelie bins but we poor deprived people in Maurillac are deprived of this luxury because we are not numerous enough.
We have asked at the Mairie in both Maurillac and Lauzun, no help forthcoming in sourcing one or two; I have scoured the net, no luck, so, do you know where I can buy them (apart from UK where they are widely available) ?


Amazon.fr have them. 240l is the normal size I think. Would be much better if you were supplied them for free though.

Yes, though they seem more expensive that the Leroy Merlin ones. However the size might be dictated by the tariff one is on (which probably depends on the number of people in the household).

So, how is your rubbish collected… is it door-to-door…with black bags, or what ??

Normally (what’s normal? :roll_eyes:) in those areas where individual bins or door-to-door are NOT available, there are large containers strategically placed… and these serve an area… and folk put their black sacks in these containers the night before Collection.

Same with yellow sacks for recycling stuff…

Are you saying that there are no large containers in your area ??

this site looks useful and gives you a contact number Community de Communes etc…

There used to be large containers, now it is black bag for rubbish, collected weekly, yellow for recycling collected fortnightly.

So, you put your sacks out the night before collection, presumably??

I’ve looked at the website for your commune and it is clear they are trying to reduce the amount of stuff that goes into the ground (via the black sacks).

Recycling at the Dechetterie and elsewhere and using the yellow sack collections, is being suggested more and more, throughout France.

hmmm is this the chance of a mini business…Wheelie Bin supplier to the Departments ?

I shouldn’t think so…:wink: but I’ll give you A for effort…:smile:

No, they get them wholesale but refuse private individuels to get in on the deal.