When I Need Inspiration I Turn to Music

Some good musical inspiration may get you back on track with the art.
When I need inspiration I turn to music…
I occasionally meditate to the Electric Tears album by Buckethead… It is simply amazing. soothing, so relaxing. I also use it for art. anyways, just about every time I meditate, which is for only about 15mins, I ll have ideas sprouting and blooming in my brain… and when I see something I want to put on paper, I stop meditating, and get in my drawing zone. this is if I meditate properly.
It also puts my mind and body in a more relaxed state to begin creating.
I wont say this works for everyone, but i would def give it a try. with whatever music you prefer, or just silence.
Just thought id share my experience.


Just been chilling to Deep Purple’s Made in Japan live album from sooooo long ago, volume up nice and loud, brilliant. If I had any hair, it would have been shaking😎


We’ve just had a delicious curry, accompanied by Il Divo… but the food got neglected a little, as we kept bursting into song…thanks Eve… :grin:

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I can understand the curry bit, but eldivo? Saw a band called Devo once at Knebworth, think it was on the Led Zep day - same band maybe? Can’t really remember much about them though, mind you Zeppelin were full on​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Now then Mark… let’s bring a little bit of class into the proceedings… Il Divo… great chaps, lovely voices…and just right for tonight…Tonight, tonight…won’t be just any night…oops, there I am again, bursting into song…:laughing:

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Nice but…Chas and Dave!!!

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Do I gain any street-cred… by admitting that I have autographs from John Lennon and Paul McCartney… :slight_smile:

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John Lennon definitely, but Macca…
Must have been Floyd, or maybe Genesis I saw Devo all dressed up in their orange jump suits. Probably had a smoke or two though, those were the days. Last time, about 8 years ago I was like two toke Tommy.:astonished::sleeping::sleeping:

Nothing to do with appreciating their music, those autographs were as a thank-you to my friend Heather and I, for showing the two young men how to find their hotel…

They had escaped from a screaming mob and were hustling down the road, when they more or less bumped into us…(we were playing hookie from school). Those were the days when one could chat with a complete stranger and not feel threatened in any way…so we got talking and discovered they were lost… I knew Exeter like the back of my hand …so a quick jog through the alley and voila… Cathedral Close…and their hotel…:smile:

Heather and I did not realise who they were but we knew they were “somebody”… so when they offered autographs… well, my science exercise book got torn apart and we got them to sign the blank pages… :heart_eyes:

Yeah, that’s pretty cool I guess, probably worth a bit maybe too

memories are priceless… the pages are tucked away somewhere, in a drawer…my daughter will probably frame them sometime and hang them up… to remind herself that her Mum was young… once…:wink:

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I gave all my “old” gig programmes, ticket stubs, back stage passes etc to my step son when we came here. I honestly thought that he would sell them, but he didn’t, not yet anyway😆

Put some of our favourites in a large photo frame. Wish I hadn’t thrown so many away…

My word… there’s a few good memories out there by the sound of it… perhaps we should start a new thread… :smiley:

Great idea, but in my case the memories are getting a little hazy…
In fact the only reason I know some of the gigs I went to were great is because they were recorded, and I’ve been able to listen to them all these years later!


I love music and singing too. Looking for a choir to join, or amdram,anyone know of any locally to aigues mortes? TIA

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Please put your full name… thanks so much… keeps everything nice and friendly… :grin:

I know that on some topics I tend to be an ‘out-lier’ when it comes to taste and preference…

…but never more so when it comes to taste in music.

Generally speaking I am a passionate classicist, and have no taste at all, or hardly any, for popular music, except perhaps Congolese guitar, drum and voice combos of the '50s and '60s.

I adore Beethoven’s cello sonatos, Bach’s organ preludes, all choral music, opera especially Caruso’s renditions which IMO have never been surpassed, oratorio and song, and most modern or 20th century composers. I was a chorister and choralist in my younger days, under the baton of Vaughan Williams and Granville Bantock and have sung in most European oratorios and choral symphonic pieces with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Choral Union.:weary::musical_score::notes:

But it seems that in this respect I am on my lonesome…:thinking::disappointed_relieved:

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My parents met at the Guildhall School of Music, where they were both students, so us kids were raised with (and playing) classical music.

I recall my Dad being horrified when one of my elder siblings introduced “pop” into the household. :rofl:

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I listen to Radio 3 before going to sleep.
Beethoven string quartets and the wonderful Bach cello suites, plus so much variation in classical music.