When it is time to move on

The story so far....

We moved over here nearly five years ago and with the help of a team of

French Arisans and a good leader ...the place looks great.

We have been enjoyng creating a special place to stay but know that it will

soon be time to spend more time comng to therms with the fact that we have

grown older.

We have decided that when we do sell that we may move along towards

Langedoc. We will ask the cats what ther plans are but I do know that they will

want a garden. Here they have a parc and the vineyards to play in.

The vineyards are not ours, by the way.

The visiting clients are ample work.

So the big question is which agent or how do we sell our property?
I Imagine that we need to focus now....AS it can take years to sell.

Any bright ideas?

Wasn't talking about now Barbara, talking generally about the two different, very different climates; oceanic and mediterranean, I can send data/figures/graphs the lot if you want ;-)

yes our friends 15 mins away have just gone past their 7 day cooling off period.

No more b and b after this season.

Interesting ....STAAYING here in the region.

Does not rain in May usually Andrew.

yes TF1 had a report on that the other day, mainly buying vineyards as you say.

I believe that the Chinese are looking in our region.

They are buying vineyards mainly.

Hi Barbara, I've bought and sold a number of places privately through leboncoin.fr and it's the reference for private sales. as for agents, go for the 3 or 4 that give you the best spread of potential clientèle/market exposure/location of their offices etc. Yes it's a good idea to think ahead, I've solld two places in the last 6 months but there are others who have been on the market for years trying to sell. The key is to be realistic in a falling and thoroughly depressed market ;-) Yes the languedoc is much sunnier and drier than where you are now, consider the tramontane factor (wind), if you don't like that keep out of the Carcassonne - Narbonne/Perpignan wind tunnel ={:-O

Bonne chance