When one of us 'goes'

A subject that has to be talked about as one gets nearer to one's God. I live almost opposite a cemetary but as I'm not a catholic, can I and/or OH be buried there ? If not are there cemeteries in France for protestants ?

Our nearest crematorium is an hour away but, not wishing to tempt providence, if OH should go before me then I would like to be able to visit his grave daily as my neighbours do who have their hubbies buried in our village graveyard.

And costs - what are the costs likely to be for a burial place ?

I'm so sorry if my questions touch a raw nerve for some of you.....

Bet the 'teak' was a bit tough ?

Grilling teak eh? Shirley, watch your teeth on that, I prefer a slab off softwood myself ;-)

After me...

yep Mike, Leslie was a tidy bit of brisket !

Gene who? When I first saw "American in Paris" I only had eyes for Leslie Caron!
Completely wasted on those stupid men. I would have looked after her........

Couldn' see anything in Miss Shrimpton personally - trés ordinaire and not at all sexy - good job we are all different !

Ah yes, the younger brother I think, the one who allegedly taught him to dance. He also instructed John Travolta for Saturday Night Fever I believe and died about 15 years ago after a career as a director or producer. Gene Kelly was originally an economist I think, food for thought or...


Gene and his brother Fred. Now did you know he had a brother? As for Doris I always think of the old remark "I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin."

well if had to choose who looked lke I would not choose Dors Day....liked her

very much but would prefer to look like Jean Shrimpton.

Alvin Stardust died.

Can't think of many more prettier ladies than DD.

Didn't mind Gene Kelly but much prefer watching Donald O'Connor, now there's a dancer !, makes Kelly look like Arthur Mullard...

Not wrong Peter. I have dozens of musicals and I reckon Calamity Jane is up there nearly as high as my Gene Kellys. Apart from that, I fancied her terribly. She is still around although she hasn't made a film for 45 years or so.

"When I was just a litttle girl, I asked my mummy what will be ?

She said "Son, you will have to have the operation....."

Doris Day - WOW !!!


"Move over darling................"

Ohhhh! The Deadwood stage is a-rollin' on over the plains,
With the curtains flappin' and the driver slappin' the reins.
Beautiful sky! A wonderful day!
Whip crack-away!, Whip crack-away!, Whip crack-away! (Can't remember the rest)

I would think music from 'Calamity Jane' would be more appropriate for you Shirley !

2.5 seconds is being rather optimistic Shirley !

My wife would have a different opinion on the 21/2 min she says i have been brain dead for years

They told us in lifesaving classes that the brain can survive 3 minutes without oxygen before cells begin to die. Maybe you only went for 2½.