When reading this do not look at James and snigger!

Dedicated to Catharine's sense of humour:

Oh Nuts!

Sheila, at my advanced age it's about the only way I will get any women to smile and four in such a short space of time!

Ah, jaysus, Brian. Just seen this, and although exhausted from travelling (and let's be honest, a right old piss up in Dublin last night before we left), I am laughing away here, and just waiting for Henry to come back to relay same to him. That's at least four women you've made smile - must be a record!

Just seen this - it's absolutely brilliant. Gave me a good laugh when I was slumped exhausted on the sofa. Thanks.

Just told a my cousin and his wife this story .
Wife and I in hysterics and Cousin sat straight faced
Well by this time tears of laughter running down wife's and my face as now even funnier
Our sides actually hurt from laughing but you have made two women's day !!!!!
Brilliant !!!!


That is brilliant Brian - you have made my day! x

Brilliant, LOL

ROFL!! I'm trying to sympathise with him but that's hysterical.