When the levee breaks

Try and try as it does, the human species attempts to tame nature, and where has it really successfully & beneficially been shown that it has tamed nature, anywhere?

I’m happy to be proven wrong, as I see that the Thames barrier is still there, protecting London, but for how long?

Mankind has been taming nature for several thousand years. It started in earnest in Europe with the change in lifestyle from hunter gatherer to agrarian. Mass deforestation was undertaken in order to change the landscape to plant crops. This in itself could be seen to be successful as it allowed for more stable lifestyles and an increase in population. It could also be argued that this is exactly where all the trouble began …

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We didn’t have any idea about the consequences of our actions back then, but now we do. We cannot hold back the devastating forces of nature. There has to be another way.

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“Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan”

but do nothing

There’s strong evidence to suggest that early agricultural schemes and urbanisation in the Fertile Crescent certainly allowed for population growth but actually led to a considerable decline in individual health.