When will the UK wake up


(Brian Swift) #81

I do like this site, user friendly and well designed.

(Peter Goble) #82

Steaming bollocks, Véro? That’s a new one on me. Mine are temperature controlled, but design standards may have slipped, or maybe modern ones have built-in obsolescence. Adequate ventilation is essential, of course, and tight jeans, zipped flies (buttons are better) and close-fitting underpants are unhealthy and are known to discourage spermatogenesis.

Enjoy your continental breakfast now! :grin:

(Peter Goble) #83

Nooooooow then our kid!! :sunny::grin:

(David GAY) #84

Now then Jane don’t start posting in furrin languages. It confuses the Brians don’t you know.

(Ann Coe) #85

Well Nellie and Vero,
it seems that double standards are alive and kicking, as we know only too well, and some of these random blokes seem to feel threatened by us !

Personally I shall not be donning my pinny and returning to the kitchen sink :wink:

(Mat Davies) #86

@vero - you seem to have misunderstood one part of the permitted drinks rule… You (as female) are perfectly allowed a Fruit Based Drink - or a sweet sherry! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::beer::wine_glass:

(Simon Armstrong) #87

Brian luv - actually - it’s ‘Vive la différence’ - feminine form with an acute accent on the first ‘e’ of the word différence.

Oh dear you’d never cope here anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Keep up the good work - helps remind me of some of the reasons I left the UK :wink: :wink: :wink:

(Jane Williamson) #88

How do you know that most Brits regret moving here?
We love it and have been made so welcome.
You sound like those Brexiteers who say that they know why everyone voted.
Many votes, many reasons.

(stella wood) #89

Hi Brian… As you say, you are new on this site…

Always good to have new members…bringing us new ideas/expertise etc etc. Your links with France go back many years and from the experiences you have had during that time… I would expect you to be an asset.

However, we sometimes gain new folk due to the demise of other forums, such as AngloInfo… they come and they test the water…

some toss a pebble into the puddle… a little splash, just for the fun of it… but some chuck in a great big rock … to deliberately make waves and drench those nearby…

Perhaps you could edit what you have typed, (although, preferably before actually posting)… for example, some of your comments about fellow forum members are not very polite.

eg: [quote=“nowthenourkid, post:80, topic:23979”]
drinking cheap wine at home on their own and getting worked up.

(Jane Jones) #90

As a diversion to the topic. When I was 16 I was sent away to a mixed school that had a bar. The boys were allowed to drink beer, but the girls (all 6 of us) were only alllowed to drink port or sherry. It doesn’t take a genius to work out who was drunker at the end of the night…

(Timothy Cole) #91

Jane, it wasn’t Carl who said that, he was simply quoting Brian Swift in a reply.

(David Martin) #93

I imagine Jane knows that but she replied to Carl’s reply quoting Brian.

(David Martin) #95

I’m only saying that because I’ve made the same mistake myself when posting.

(stella wood) #96

Hi everyone… I get confused myself with who is replying to whom… and, indeed, to whom I am replying myself…

It’s misty and horrible here… but tomorrow is another day… let’s hope for better weather…

Peace and Joy (and a good lunch)

(Timothy Cole) #97

I’m only saying that because I’ve not made the same mistake.:grinning:

(bob sivell) #98

I wanted to reply to so many of the above comments, but felt I’d be wasting my time…so many reasons why I left GB; so many reasons as to why I keep myself to myself…comments re. the GJ’s disgraceful behaviour ?! They’re French; they’re in their own country; they’re not like so many of the Brits in France that have a tidy sum in the bank; a good pension; & a place in GB where they can retreatif it all goes to shit (bad language…last time I looked I wasn’t a girl…& James said it’s ok)
My own view is that we should just stop complaining & get on with it…whatever “it” happens to be on the day.
I’m so f***ing sick to my back teeth (which are still mine) with the Brexit shit-shower, that I can’t even bring myself to read the daily ramblings about it on the net…(no UK TV here)
Immigration…FFS ! the world has always seen immigration…it’s just that in the last few generations, it’s become “political”…Xenophobia; we’re not born that way, it’s taught &/or assimilated, call it what you will.

Time for me to stop, as my language will surely deteriorate.

(stella wood) #99

Many of us do feel similarly, Bob. :hugs:

(carl tunnicliffe) #100

'T wanst me @Jane_Williamson!!! I was quoting our new friend Brian :frowning:

I cant wait to move to France and I know how welcoming folk can be there.
And I am certainly NOT a Brexiteer… Rather you call me an oafish idiot than that…

All upset now… (not really :slight_smile: )

(stella wood) #101

I think this thread has got many of us … mixed up… :thinking:

Let’s take a moment of calm… and start afresh, perhaps… :sunglasses:

(David Martin) #102

Mixed up? I think that this thread should have remained locked.