When will the UK wake up


(Ann Coe) #61

Yes indeed and the sooner the better !

(Jane Jones) #62

Why do people want to get tot he UK? The language, which many speak. The myths about the UK which they discover to their cost to be untrue, but having registered as refugee in UK they are then stuck. One of the myths being that the british are welcoming of other nationalities - sadly no longer true. Which is a travesty as many refugees are trying to join family who were welcomed, accepted and integrated into the UK decades ago.

And as for the African man, he was granted French nationality in complete accordance with the rules, as he was a francophone refugeee.

“La nationalité française peut être accordée à un étranger francophone qui contribue par son action émérite au rayonnement de la France et à la prospérité de ses relations économiques et sociales. Cette procédure exceptionnelle est à l’initiative du ministre des affaires étrangères.”

I imagine somewhere buried in the UK rules there is a similar provision…

(David Wren) #63

Britain is open, be it business or humanitarian. I am perplexed by the camps at French ports though. If I wanted to be safe and free from tyranny there would be no reason why I wouldn’t settle in Italy, Greece, Spain or France/ Benelux. The streets of London are not paved in gold, though they do have less dog shite. You never see groups trying to jump on lorries going to Europe at UK ports regardless of the xenophobic racist accusations from some.

(Brian Swift) #64

Oh dear that time of night again, the brits have been hitting the 2 euro a litre plonk and getting a tad abusive, always sad to see women using bad language too.

(stella wood) #65

Night, night Brian… please climb the wooden hill to Bedfordshire… :roll_eyes::hugs:

(David Martin) #66

I thought that that was you last night.

(Mat Davies) #67

Of the overall number of immigrants entering Europe it is only a relatively small percentage that come to UK. There are far more in France and Germany despite what the Daily Mail may tell you.

(David Wren) #68

I don’t read the Daily Mail. Why don’t we have people trying to leave the UK if it’s such a nasty place? There are many folks who would choose to settle in Europe given it’s a safe 1st World collection of nation states. I don’t see why the UK is such a draw given many who live here dream of warmer more genial ways of life available further south.

(Dan Wood) #69

Hello, hello James this smacks of do as l say not as l do. The other day l referred to another members comments on a thread as childish and petty - Catharine then told me such behaviour would not be tolerated.

I was, in fact, saying it like l saw it - perhaps l should have just called it ‘bullshit’ and that would have been fine.

What’s going on.?

(Mat Davies) #70

I intend to shortly.

(David Wren) #71

good luck hopefully the teat has nourished you, always love your mother.

(Brian Swift) #72

I think the UK is still the best place in the world to live. The huge variety of different cultures and cuisines puts the rest of Europe to shame. We still have law and order to a reasonable standard. The behaviour of the yellow vests and the way they are tolerated by the gendarmes to a certain extent is a disgrace. It shows France is 50 years behind England.

(Brian Swift) #73

To the gentleman on this thread who says he intends to move to France. I say please think again. Most brits who move to France regret it, In your position I would make several trips to Portugal and Spain as well as France and enjoy it without pushing yourself to settle quickly.

(Nellie Moss ) #74

What’s wrong with women using bad language?

(David Martin) #75

Your opinions do not make you right. It’s a shame that you cannot understand the basic griviences being highlighted by the protesters but I guess that you are still living using Margaret Thatcher as a role model. As a visitor you are probably a bit overwhelmed but please don’t lecture people who do live here about the pros and cons. I hope you’ve enjoyed your holiday, talking to expats and eating in British run bars. I’m can see why Spain appeals to you.

(Véronique Langlands) #76

@NellieMoss I am fairly sure some blokes think you can’t use profanity unless you have a Y chromosome, something like that.
One of those weird rules like you can’t have a pint of beer but only a half, if you’re a dayntee laydee, and seeing a woman contravening them always makes these random blokes sad.
Bugger that for a pile of steaming bollocks.

(carl tunnicliffe) #77

You, Sir, are one of the most obnoxious and odious persons I have ever come across on a discussion forum. I would respectfully suggest you leave this place forthwith before you suffer the indignity of being banned.

I too intend to move permanently to France just as soon as my current job allows, to spend the rest of my days in the country of my wife’s birth.

I can assure you that, at present, the UK is NOT the best place in the world to live - not by a long, long way. Neither is France but it is better than this racist, bigoted, intolerant country that I currently have to reside .

(Brian Swift) #78

Good evening
That is your opinion and I don’t have a problem with it. It is certainly not the opinion of the majority of us. Vive le difference .

(carl tunnicliffe) #79

It is the opinion of the majority of US on this forum…

(Brian Swift) #80

I am new on this site but I don’t know how long I will continue on it. I feel many of the other members are unhappy and very quick to get somewhat rude. It seems to happen late in the evening, I suspect it is due to people drinking cheap wine at home on their own and getting worked up. I hope this is not a sign of what is to come.