When will the UK wake up

My nephew moved to the US to marry his American girlfriend because he knew he would struggle to get her permission to stay in the UK. The UK is not an easy place to get a visa for.

“You are accused of being illegal, and we are going to imprison then deport you”
“I’m not illegal - you invited me to come and stay - I haven’t done anything wrong”
“Where are your papers?”
“I don’t have any”
“Without papers you are illegal”
“Who should have given us the papers?”
“You didn’t”
“Nevertheless, without the papers you are illegal, and we are going to imprison then deport you”
Kafka? - NO - immigration policy, in the UK, now.

Wooahhhhh major troll alert - discussion needs the delete key!!


A tourist visa let’s you visit the UK for up to 6 months, you are not allowed to work or claim benefits on this visa. A business visa is available if you have plenty of money to invest. If you have a job waiting for you a work permit can be granted, but it’s complicated if you are not used to paperwork etc.
Apart from these options you would have to marry a Brit or live together with one who is not able to marry for various reasons, already married, or other complications.
The only other route is to claim asylum.

So pretty much the same as anywhere else, then.

Kipper logic and misinformation. Where do the Brians come from?

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Thanks @Stella
Can you take a look please @james

Tout le monde sait! Brian is in ze kitchen.

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That’s just bullshit.

Can I say “Bullshit” aswell please ?
I know I’m not admin, but I’ve been blocked on sites for saying less


Say it like you see it @Codfanglers :wink:

There can be mitigating circumstances for doing or saying… almost anything… :thinking:

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maybe if the UK were such an unwelcoming place we’d see migrants desperate to leave at the ports as we see in France. I really cannot see why people would by by pass France to come to the UK unless we are doing something right. One of life’s mysteries.

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I have arrived late to this thread, am I dreaming or what ?

Brian, can I just say that what the heck are you going on about ?

I don’t like the implications of your post at all, to me it reeks of xenophobia, and I am not sure what point you are trying to make here.

“Bullshit”, that’s putting it mildly, I suggest you take a deep breath and stop spreading such misinformation.

As someone has asked, where do the Brians come from ? Well wherever it is I wish they would crawl back there!

Edited to say apologies to any other Brians on here , it should be noted that my remark was meant for Brian Swift and no other !


It seems to be catching.

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Why are you using a northern nomenclature and disseminating tosh?

It’s a simple question, why would people be so desperate to leave France to get to the UK. Personally I wouldn’t get into a tender and chug through the world’s busiest shipping lane to get to a KFC. I’d stay in France.