Where are my Tax bills?

I’ve not had a tax hab bill for a couple of years now. Went to the local tresor and asked, they looked at our account and said don’t worry about it. No tv licence payment demand either as it’s on the same bill.

Quite agree… they never sent me a bill for our first year… when it was zero as we had no income whatsoever at that time… mind you, that long ago, very little was on computer… :roll_eyes:

I was frantic… trying to chase the bill… until one kind gentleman took pity, checked the records and explained that I was exempt… phew… only that year though… we started getting income the following year…

If you are below the threshold for TH… exemption for the tv is automatic… :hugs:

However, it is being clearly stated that even when the time comes (if) that no-one pays TH… the tv will still have to be paid by those whose income is sufficient…

We are in the same position as you, so I contacted our local tax office and our Notaire who both said that there are delays in the system at the moment but they will arrive, at this point, they both rolled their eyes exasperatedly.

Just to cap the post off. We received our TdH a couple of days after I raised the post so took a trip down to the Tresour Publique office to settle it. We paid the TF at the same time after explaining that we’d not received the bill. We thought everything was sorted until we got the ’ final demand’ for the TF through the post a couple of weeks ago, including the 10% added for the non payment. Another trip to the Tresour Publique who told us to ignore it and that we didn’t owe anything. Today we received a letter from the Tresour Publique containing the original TF in it’s polythene envelope. It had been returned to them undelivered after being sent out at the end of August - with just my name and no address on it… Now trying to set up monthly direct debits but hitting a brick wall on the Impots.gouv.fr website because I don’t have an online access number. Tried to email the local Tresour Publique office for help but the fielders blocked the email stating that this is not something that the local TP office can advise on. Hopefully I’ve got about a year to sort it…

If you visit your local office… ask them for a “mandat prélèvement automatique”…they will give you a form to complete and sign… you can do it on the spot and give it back to them with your bank details… RIB (releve d’identité bancaire)…

Take your bills with you as you might need some identity details from them, I can’t remember…


Having had ‘misdirected’ tax bills (sent to a UK address) I went on-line to my compte particulier at https://www.impots.gouv.fr and discovered there that changes to one’s personal details like address, email etc can now be made uniquement on-line and by no other means.

This necessarily implies that you need to create an on-line tax account for yourself, and also that you need a personal ‘key’ number to do that. The ‘key’ number appears on your first avis d’impot after you make your first declaration.

I think that’s broadly right, from recent memory.

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I guess 2018 for 2017 was your first declaration. In which case you won’t have the magic numbers for online access until next year. First year has to be paper - next year they send you the online access number and you can log in and start setting things up. I’ve sorted mine for 2019 by Direct Debit - first two years housing rates were all paid on the bill rather than DD. I remember it wouldn’t let me set up DD for 2018 as the magic online number arrives after the date to set up a DD for the current year. I didn’t try too hard mind.

Tax number comes first - then this years tax demand has (had) a reference number you need - next year you get your final set of numbers to allow online access. Security … So you try a few times - discover you have to wait - then you get the final set of numbers and then swear when it dawns on you you need paper and numbers from the year before and then swear a bit more because that means finding it in the cupboards from hell.

You can bills online without logging in but not by installments before you get any codes.


@chrisell “the cupboard from hell”

Oh, yes :scream::joy:

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I have a cupboard from hell too…x :smiley:


Thank you all. I’m going to take Chris’s advice and pay online when I get next years bills and hope for my magic number to arrive in the meantime.

Yup, got one of those too, also have several tiroirs that seem to have become full of ‘Je ne sais pas quoi’ :wink:

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When will you next be in France?

Here for a few more days then back in six weeks Stella.

Well, it might be an idea to leave all the official visits until you get back in 6 weeks… many offices close or have reduced staff/hours over the holiday period (fair enough)…

Our Secretaire is taking a well-earned rest… having worked like stink to get the End-of-Year Accounts et al… completed… :relaxed::relaxed: