Where are my Tax bills?

Morning all, I’m getting a bit worried as we haven’t received either our Taxe Fonciere or Taxe D’Habitation bills. We bought our house in July 2017 and I was aware that the tax was covered for the remainder of 2017 as part of the purchase. We came down from the UK last week and I expected at least the bill for the Taxe Fonciere to be in the postbox since our last visit in September but all we’ve had so far is the local water/sewerage bill. I intend to set up a direct debits but cannot do so until we receive our first bills. I’ve searched this and other websites and spoken to one of the locals but haven’t found a difinitive answer as to how to resolve this with my very limited French. Any advice?

Our bills are sent to our UK address for some reason (I don’t know why). We haven’t yet received Tax d’Habitation - I think they are produced about now - I am expecting it in about 2 weeks. Tax Fonciere was received about 6 weeks ago.

The Tresor presumably has you down as a maison secondaire with your primary residence in the UK.

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We were in a similar position. The Acte de Vente was in december. I have just been chasing ours…
The local Tresour Publique explained that because we had bought the house in 2017 they would not be sending out the bills until later. He could see our names on the computer, and that no bill had yet been generated.
I had also emailed the tax office in the prefecture. I received an email reply today, confirming that the bills would sent out end of december.

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Paul - this may need to be changed at some point to be the main residence - any idea how?

I imagine an email, call or personal visit to make sure they have your status recorded correctly would do the trick :slight_smile:

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Every time I moved and needed to changed my correspondence address over the years I just contacted the tax office, utility companies, bank etc by post informing them of the new address. Never any problems.

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Hi Mat…

When you do notify them that the maison -secondaire is now your residence-principale… you should/might become eligible for reduced Taxd’Hab bills… yippee

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That would be very useful

It depends on Income… but is supposed to vanish altogether in the next few years… but NOT on maison-secondaire… :roll_eyes: mmm have to wait and see…

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Vanish! I’ll believe it when I see it. Supposedly the taxe d’had should have been reduced this year by 30%, but of course our intercommunalité increased their allocations so we have ended up with it going up by 18%…

Yes, Jane… but it is your local folk who have pushed their percentage up and nibbled into what (if any) should have been an overall reduction…

Most folk, who should have gained… have actually done so.

I did post an article listing Communities which had decided to impose a much higher Local tax on their own folk… and your area is obviously one of those… :roll_eyes:

Hopefully your local-government bods… will eventually use the money gained this year… for something useful for the whole community…but for the moment, I don’t blame them for grabbing it while they can.

Government have promised that local-gov bods will receive the usual amount from Central Government… but no-one is holding their breath on that promise.

Yes I know it’s the com-com that is augmentimg their slice. But it doesn’t stop me being annoyed that those of us who are just above the threshold get hit the hardest.

My commune is not in SW france, so not on your list.

Sorry Jane… yes, it’s clear I am in Sud Ouest… so that is where I gather most topical info…

I wish other folk would post details from their own areas…on whatever subject… as it would be good to see the whole picture…

France TV3 (October) reported: “5 680 communes sur les 35 000 que comptent la France auraient augmenté leur taux d’imposition, ce qui annule tout ou partie la baisse promise de la taxe d’habitation.”

so your area is not alone in hiking-up the taxes…

I’ve had the first bill, but not the second. Someone had told me the habitation bills were going out late, but it seems odd that the taxe fonciere came through in August and now nothing.

Any ideas? (House is in Correze, local tax office Dreux in Eure-et-Loir)

If you’ve done an Income Declaration… it is possible that your Income is below the threshold… and therefore you are Tax D’Hab free… :thinking: ???

If that is not the case, then simply ask at your local Tax Office… they will be able to tell you where your bill is … in the scheme of things… :wink:

Thank You Martin and Andrea. I’m hoping that my bills just haven’t been sent yet. I took a trip to the local Tresour Publique this afternoon only to find that they’ve cut their hours to mornings only. I plan to revisit in the morning to see what they can tell me.

If you are under the threshold and pay nothing, you still get an online statement for €0.00 in our area.

fair enough… but folk who are newcomers are not, necessarily, yet on-line… :thinking: and, indeed, not everyone will be going on-line… :no_mouth:

I only mentioned it as it’s something of a surprise to receive a statement for €0 :slightly_smiling_face: