Where are you posting from in France?

I grew up about 300 metres (if that) from the Mediterranean in 83 and about the same from the North Sea in Scotland and miss the sea horribly.


I was born about100yards from the sea and still miss it !


I grew up in Heysham, part of Morecambe and I really only miss the seafood, especially Morecambe Bay shrimps.
I can get the brown shrimps in Grand Frais, but not at the moment as it is too far to go.


I was born about 100 yards from the sea and this beauty

And grew up here
And here


Dunnotter Castle, North St heading down to the abbey in St Andrews and Saint-Tropez.


Where I should have been born too but my mother crashed her car going up to visit her in-laws so I was a May rather than a July baby.

Well spotted! :blush: only I think it’s South Street isn’t it, with the Pends at the end on the right. No you are right, argh I’m confused now!

Those are particularly good shrimps and they glow in the dark too :rofl:

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Is that where Windscale is?

Heysham Power Station. Windscale is a bit further up!

Used to swim in the sea neat there. ,and eat the samfire

How many heads have you got, Eddie? :smiley:

Seriously though, the sea is almost certainly fine - lake-water cooled nuclear stations are rather iffy though, judging by what happened at Trawsfynydd

South St really narrows at the end where the Pends is, North St opens wide with the car parking on the L hand side.

No, that is in Cumbria and it is now called Sellafield.
It is in on the edge of Morecambe Bay south of the Lake District

They built it in the old dry dock where the best blackberries used to grow.
We had samfire at Bazil Point near Overton, where my dad kept his boat, the Lisa Jane.

I lived at number whateveritwas The Pends :relaxed:

Will second Geof’s recommendation - it’s my favourite French history book - erudite, but infused with a dry humour.

Recommend buying it s/h online in hardback, cos it’s thick and you’ll probably want to reread or consult it again from time to time. Avoid the Kindle version - the maps don’t translate well.

Oh, and I’m writing from 12!


Small world, my cousin stayed at iirc 17 North Street many years ago.

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Rather think that both suggestions are reasonable - surely there could be a " display yes/no" option on the registration page for name/location entries.

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There is. You either put it in or leave it blank. Somewhat binary but it works.

Seconded! Or should that be “thirded”? I bought this book several years ago and it’s a mine of information about how modern France was formed. Unhesitatingly recommended.