Where best to pay income tax

I would be interested to learn of anyone's views on where best to pay my income tax.

A few facts - I receive a UK based police pension which is taxed at source, then I have the remainder converted and paid directly into my French account.

I am a single father with two dependant teenaged children, permanently resident in France and having French nationality.

The UK do not take into account my personal circumstances, whereas the French would, so I believe I would be better off if my tax was deducted here.

I do have the right to make this change, but need to know more about the implications, maybe from someone in a similar position or maybe by recommending a local accountant I could see for professional advice.

Thanks Lindsay, but since 2011, if one is a permanent resident in France and is a French National, as am I, then one can opt for taxation in France. I've just got to decide which system offers me the better deal.

Hi Martin
As far as I know with regards to your police pension, it has to be taxed in the UK, as it is regarded as a government pension.
You have to inform the French tax people that you have it and pay the tax in the UK.
Kind regards

Thanks anyway Christine. At the moment I'm just sounding this out and of course if I do feel it will be cost effective for me, I would get set up with a French accountant before taking the plunge.

Hi Martin. I'm sorry - but Nicholas say's he wouldn't want to give you the wrong advise... so suggests you take advice from from someone who lives there.



Hi Martin

My husband is an accountant - I'll ask him and get back to you asap. Cheers Christine