Where can I buy or hire an ice cream machine?

I guesse that you all have one for sale?

Candly floss machine AND POPCORN MAKER

Would like all of them....PLEASE

Thanks for the great effort

I will ask them...but I think that they are probably 5 hours away.

These people rent candy floss and popcorn machines. Maybe ice cream carts too? Or they could point you in the right direction?


I did a search for "fournitures de fete" location "barbe a papa" to get this.

Thank you.

Sounds a little exspensive.

Google "chariot a glaces" and/or "barbe a papa" with or without "location". I haven't looked beyond the results page but there seemed to be a number of companies listed dealing in these things. They cost an eye-watering 6000-7000 euros new!

Thanks are yes Darty

but I meant to write ICE CREAM CART!