Where can I buy some great lime wash and lime plaster?

Bonjour everyone! I’m new to France, living outside Avignon, and everywhere I go and everyone I talk to seems to not have any clue about lime wash or lime plaster (not lime paint). I’ve certainly heard of a few products but can’t get my hands on them, and I see Leroy Merlin sells pre mixed buckets of lime plaster but they seem extremely expensive and a special order item. I’m looking for any advice on where to source lime wash or lime plaster for help redoing our house. Any info or advice is welcome, and thanks in advance!

Sacs of chaux blanche are in most brico sheds, St Astier nhl 3.5 is the best but others are there but some include a bit of cement so avoid. Chaux ariene is lime putty you can thin to make lime wash.


Years ago now, to unify a rough, rather ugly, pointed stone wall that had many different tones, I made a lime wash from chaux blanche with a bit of colour added. I experimented to get the right consistency then went for it. It still looks good.