Where can I find a big Turkey?

Hi, we need a big Turkey for aprox. 16 people for a Thanks Giving Party. The butchers tell me that only before Christmas can I find a big one, it would be far to early now. Last year I made do with 2 birds, but it was a lot of work. Anyone has some experience with this problem? Thanks.


Hello Giesela,

I don't know in which part of France you are located, but I suppose you could possibly find one at a local farmer, but I also found a butcher from the big market who has turkey, I know they are very expensive compared to the price one would pay in the US, perhaps you could also order one at your local butcher,

here is the butcher I found who has turkey.


Good luck.


Too big for the oven Anthony.....lol

Giesala: have you considered looking in the U.S. Congress?