Where did Summer go?

Where did Summer go?

Gosh is that the time? It's several hours past October already - where has the time gone!

One minute we were shivering our way through April, adjusting to the temperatures of the Northern Hemisphere, trying to remember what sort of clothes and footwear we should be wearing. The next, it seems, we are shivering our way into winter.

I'm sure we had a summer. I do recall long days of sunshine and impossibly turquoise waters, sandy beaches and deserted coves. I think I looked at the light blue sky on more than one occasion and felt choked with happiness. I listened to chiff chaffs as I pegged out the washing, heard the owls laughing in the night behind the house. I felt dappled sunshine on my face as I sat over coffee in the garden.

And yet it was all so fleeting.

Someone once said (there's always someone) that the price we pay for living in and loving a foreign country is to be eternally nostalgic and while I don't exactly miss the kamakaze driving of Colombo's roads, nor the arrogant ignorance of Sri Lanka's ruling classes, I guess I am homesick for some wall to wall sunshine and the forever promise of warmth and blue skies.

I watch the trees around us, scrutinising their foliage for signs of rusty decay. My heart sinks as the green slips away, the canopy thins just as the traffic has. Sound travels more; there is an echoing along the road. The sand on the beaches is frothed from the raindrops and it is hard to remember these lonely stretches of shoreline were so very recently heaving with bright pink flesh, heady with the scent of a thousand bottles of suntan lotion.

Just as I mourn the turning of the tide, watching the water swirl back out of our lovely little bay, I am trying to be brave in the face of the oncoming winter.

But it doesn't seem right to me. Only two short months of summer and we are back with the heating on. Time to dig out the socks and throw another quilt on the bed.

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Well two years in the Baltics, Russia and Ukraine and driving between them mainly did wonders for my 'pleasures' of snow!

Well put Julian put you forgot the joy of watching the dogs in 2 foot snow having a ball.....

I spoke to soon yesterday, from hot afternoon on the terrace to complete white out here this morning thick mist everywhere, so its a day off chopping tree's and instead cleaning the kitchen after hubby and his cooking spree last night... how does one man use 4 saucepans to make pasta and tom sauce ???

I like a hard winter after a good summer , time to catch up on all those books you wanted to read light the fire and be cosy... All my live I have wanted 2 weeks of being snowed in giving me the excuse to do nothing but read and cook.

Usually I am an optimistic pessimist or vice versa, and I do fear a hard Winter when there is a late Summer. Hope I am wrong.

We saw and heard the first cranes flying south today as we were gardening, they know winter is on the way! I was swimming in our pool this afternoon as it was so humid and hot!

Still short sleeve order here in the Correze as well.

Summer is still live and kicking here to, after chopping down trees 8am til 1pm, I swam in the lake walked the dogs and just enjoyed the last of the sun in the garden with friends having a beer, hubby is busy making home made pasta and then we will sit in the garden to eat and watch the sun set....

we had 27 today

So beautifully written and in many ways I feel the sameā€¦

And yet one thing I missed in all my years in South Africa were distinct seasons! Although I love the crisp autumn days and even the grey month of November as well as cold and snowy winters, I just wish summer here would last one or two months longer!

Well, here, the summer is still alive and well. Apart from a brief period last week, when all hell broke loose, it has been glorious since early July, and still is. Temperature here at the moment 25 degrees. The nights have been in double figures, too.

Autumn is arriving, and I'm looking forward to the winter, with the woodburning range going, and the woodburner in the salon, and hopefully some snow. I shan't be using the central heating though, because of lack of funds, so the recently purchased oil will have to last, as will the wood.

Oh, that's beautifully written! It has always seemed to me that summer in the northern hemisphere goes on for much longer than ours down under. (New Zealand in my case). Perhaps it's because we have to pause for Christmas and New Year, and then it's over before we know it! Mustn't grumble though - right now it's all enticingly ahead of us. :-)