Where did that go?

Has anyone seen 2010? It seems to have gone past in such a rush that I barely got to shake it's hand. Christmas will be over before we know it, then New Year, and 2011 will be swinging it's thing to spring.

Organising the festive season has lacked a little of the finesse that it might otherwise have had, mainly due to the huge amount of things going on.

Being as busy as we are doesn't mean I don't think about all those people out there, all the friends and family that I keep forgetting to send a card to, or I should call and say 'hi how are you' to; in fact, far from it. As someone once said, its the thought that counts so I hope they are all having a great time.

I've not been a great fan of Christmas for that last few years for various reasons, but now I'm living in such a peaceful village, with the best girl in the world and the big grey beast, I can feel that family time is becoming more important to me. So to all the readers out there, I hope 2011 goes past slowly enough to say a cheery 'hello' and it proves to be a bigger better and more memorable year than 2010.

I'll be spending it with TBGITW and TBGB, so for me, us and to all of you out there occasionally reading my ramblings,

Merry Christmas, and a very Happy 2011 !!!!