Where did you get your doggies?

Sometimes people set out to go and choose a dog but so often a dog finds its person. There always seems to be a story involved…so how did you get your dog?

Well what a corker. You obviously deserve this great dog after all your trials with the other dog. Some dogs we have to accept will never learn to properly socialise again but he had his moments with you I am sure. This fellow is going to be such fun.

Has Chico taken up the paint brush yet - maybe one fixed to the tail ? G

Our latest four legged woofer was bequeathed to us by a Mexican sheep farmer who lived just down the road and was returning to her farm and couldn’t take him with her. Hence the name Chico who is pretty daft and runs off at the first opportunity to call on his friends in Mouhous but always returns. He’s as near bomb-proof with people and children as possible unlike our last dog Frank. We brought him with us from the UK and had a lot of attitude! He was a greyhound something cross from a rescue centre and due to a few incidents we think he may have been a poachers dog. Unfortunately he was very challenging and thought too much, not a good trait in a dog as my wife observed. He was very protective of children who stayed in our gite but due to an incident we had to have him put down. It was very difficult and upsetting for us and the family and more difficult to get our vet to carry out the act.
Here’s Chico taking a rest from all that running about.

In August 2008 some friends and I were travelling through Rumania, at a filling station we found a dog with here four puppys, about 7 weeks maybe. The owner of the station gave them a bath in a bucket of diesel (so his name, Diesel), to clean them from ticks and fleas. We took them and washed them at the station - that was a disaster, because now the whole diesel runs into the earth… that is not EU - compliant. So we got the chance to took the four puppys and we went home to Germany about 48 hours with them in an old chevy blazer, with diarrhoea and sickness.
But they all survived. This is a foto from all on the way home.

What a delightful little dog. We get so much pleasure from them. I was appalled at how many needed homes when I went to SPA and amazed at the devotion and patience of the people dealing with them.

He looks as my grandad used to say A grand old fella. G

When I took that photo she had just found out the hard way that the horses’ electric fence was working…that’s why she’s hiding under the table!

He’s a cutie, wondered how you got a picture on the comment page and just realised you press the “add image” icon - doh. I added an attachment on my last post, so I am posting the picture of Cesc again:

He doesn’t look that decrepit!!! :slight_smile:

Here’s Neels!

Here’s Neels - we acquired him last after a friend of James’ died. There were two dogs but as we had one we really couldn’t keep all three. The other dog was a youngster so we found him a new home with a French lady who told me she wanted a little dog to take out in the car with her as her husband was too quiet!! As Neels was aged, deaf, blindish, farts a lot, has dodgy back legs and a heart condition, we decided to keep him as we couldn’t see anyone else wanting him. Well we all, including our Ridgeback fell in love. I was worried that when we rehomed his friend, he might be miserable but quite the opposite. He loves the kids, stopped chasing the cats - one sleeps in his box with him, he’s off his medication and has generally had a new lease of life. When he gets really overexcited at tea time, he chatters his teeth at you! Love him to bits. Will post a picture of the ridgeback soon or he will reads this and start sulking.!

I just went outside to take a picture of Neels our decrepit old spaniel and James smirked at me and said “Are you going to put him on the Bon Coin” - as normally in our house things get photographed just before they get sold.

What a meanie - I covered Neel’s ears up and will post a picture later !

She is seriously cute.

I got my dog Cesc 2 years ago from Phoenix Animal Rescue Centre located in the Dordogne: http://www.phoenixasso.com/adoption.php3

He was 11 months old when we got him and had a real tough time of it. He has turned out to be amazing and I love him to bits. I had no kids, so he’s my baby boy :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh it is adorable. Who could desert that little treasure. Magic

My lovely doggie was found dumped with 3 other pups in the vines outside a friend’s house. She was such a cute, nice natured puppy we decided to keep her…but she’s still growing!!!