Where do you buy paint in France?

Where do you buy paint/emulsion etc. There must be some good online resources for paint these days, the DIY sheds seem so expensive.

Where do you buy yours?



Understand James

I'm going through the unspeakably tedious process of redecorating my house for sale before finally heading to France and am amazed at the cost of paint, even in the UK. The cheapest kitchen/bathroom paint I could find in my friendly DIY store was £14 for 2.5 litres. Popped into Aldi and they had a special on kitchen paint "made in Germany" -- £9 for 5 litres. It covers well and gives the impression it will do the job in a tough environment. The problem, of course,is that you don't know when these items will be on sale in the likes of Aldi and Lidl. You're quids in if you find it, though.

Back to the pinting, as we say north of the border.


Well done James paint overload

Hi John

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I received half a dozen posts this morning from Robert Gillespie on the subject of paint and a company called Midi Decor they have all been deleted, why ?

James and Terry Williams

I agree Terry, Of course what is so refreshing and different is the pure independent aspect of the article as it has the links to all the paint suppliers on it with no bias. For anyone who hasn't seen it go to http://www.pontneo.com/paint/british-paint-in-france.html

And you could look in Useful Links, James, under "where can I get" which has several of the links proposed here. :-D

Hi Yvonne

I have watched discussions of the paint problem for some time?These discussions seem to be everywhere in Europe, and the solutions that some of us settle upon seem bizarre. For example hauling fairly average quality (for the UK) paint from Yorkshire, and in pallet loads! What's that about?

Recently this article surfaced http://www.pontneo.com/paint/british-paint-in-france.html

My answer would be to shop here: www.anglodepot.com

Based at the Plymouth port they will deliver any UK paint to anyone's door and anywhere in France/Europe at great prices

I used Albany Weathershield exterior paint on my shutters. The paint was applied as per instructions with primer, undercoat and two top coats. I have been informed by my wife that I need to plan for repainting again this Autumn. I painted them 6 years ago!
On an internal note, I did learn the hard way and will now only use UK emulsions. I have several budget tubs of French emulsion keeping delicate furniture off the ground in the barn! At least I found a use for it!

Where are you based Jim? Would you cover Herault (34)? Regards Brian

I'm interested in your bulk pet food John- we inherited 20 odd cats when we bought our house and they're costing a fortune to feed. Can't seem to source any bulk sacks of moggie croquettes over here and buying 2 and 4 kg bags becomes expensive. Do you have a contact for bulk buy cat food from the UK? Kind regards Brian

I've just been contacted by Dominic from http://www.ukpaintdepot.com who is offering a 10% discount to SFN members until the end of the month using the following promotional code 'survivefrance'

Thanks Dominic!


I may well be in a position to arrange that, if anyone is interested? We have trucks going between the UK and France on a regular basis, with my work.


Its only economical to go back to the uk if you can bring back a bulk load enough to complet all your work then it really is cost effective

Hi James

I need 15 litres of two different shades of the Dulux Silk Emulsion in the ‘natural hints’ colour range. I want particular shades which do not seem available here in France.

Ignoring the 3 for 2 offers in B & Q at present, a 5 litre pot from B & Q would cost around €37.10 (£31.98) at this time.

Having done various searches I have found a site specialising in UK paints in France:


It would cost a total of €156.07 (including tax and shipping) for the 15 litres I am seeking.

On balance that has to be an acceptable deal, despite the price hike over B & Q, but the cost of making a journey back to the UK to visit a B & Q store would be a great deal more.

I’ve had some experience of painting shutters (14 sets). There’s a Dulux Valentine range of wood paint called ‘Ultra Resist’, now at €46.90 for 2.5 litres, in Castorama.

A few years back Dulux had a trade depot in Lincoln and I was able to order some Trade grey undercoat, before undercoat went out of fashion. The man in charge told me that Dulux Valentine had special additives in their paint for things like shutters, to protect against temperature extremes and the effects of prolonged sunshine.

A local decorative shop here in St Yrieix la Perche, advised using a specialist primer from Astral for the starter coat on new wood - I had some new shutters at the time, and so they were painted with materials from 3 different sources!

AkzoNobel, the Dutch company which bought out ICI, owns Dulux in the UK, Dulux Valentine in France, and interestingly Astral as well. Don’t quite understand why they continue with such wide differences between their brands!

Hi James,

Give this a try: http://www.ukpaintdepot.com/catalogue/category/120

According to the website, they provide: "The best of British paint in France and Spain". Hope it helps.


Jim Dawson

Having just renovated an old farmhouse, I have used just about every paint combination, the Lidl paint that someone spoke of is cheap and excellent....if you can get it! I bought a hugely expensive french white paint for covering filthy walls which was good, most of the french paint I bought varied from rubbish to useless, the best paint I used was Farrow and Ball - available here at a price, cheaper from the UK, even though the cost was higher per tin, the coverage was superb and the exterior paint is the best I have ever used.

Friend of ours is a builder and is decorating a house at the moment he is using Mathys paint and is raving about it says its brilliant plus it looks good must ask him where he got it from i find most paint importers very expensive when i enquired treble the uk price then delivery, be cheaper to get a bulk order and go back to dover in fact i priced up plinth/skirting board, architrave , collecting enought to complete all my jobs from a place in Dover it was better quality even with a round trip of 1300miles a night in a hotel and a same day ferry i saved over £100, thats why i get al my dog food from the uk buy bulk direct from the manufacture 900kg £200 delivery i save over 1000€ for like for like quality

I now use Tollens paint . Its a Dutch paint and they have branches in France . My local in in Biarittz.

The quality is first class and is on a level of British paint shops ( not B&Q) and they stock the full range of Farrow and Ball , plus their own extensive range which is comparable to Farrow & Ball but a lot cheaper. I used Dulux Weathershield last year and it is already peeling after one season on my south facing woodwork . So will be re-painting with Tollens this year as the price is similar and the quality cannot be any worse . Tollens came recommended by a professional British painter and I must say I have not been able to prove him wrong yet