Where do you buy your books from?

Whats your BOOK SOURCING strategy??

I'm thirsty for any type of books and am currently at 2-3 books a month.


1. I create a To Read WIshlist in my Notebook every 2-3 months... (about 10-15 books)

2. When I'm about to finish the stack I start to look for cheapest online seller


-> Amazon (when you search a title you usually get 2 prices one for NEW and one for USED books. Click on USED and look for cheap shipping within EUROPE or world. (I ordered a couple from the States or UK)

-> http://www.betterworldbooks.com/ another great site free shipping and many used books

-> http://www.worldofbooks.com/ seems to be my current best option and they are the ones distributing trough Amazon Marketplace

3. Place order and wait for the goodies.

This saves me lot of time and resources (i barely have) to go a) big city and find english books 2nd hand...

What is your BOOK SOURCING strategy?

Thanks Holly.

www.awesomebooks - very cheap to buy and cheap postage

Gordon, when I get the emails from DailyFreeBooks, the books are sorted by category. I click on the category (mystery, cookbooks, or whatever). From there, if I see a book that interests me, I click the link & it takes me to Amazon where I download the book (usually after reading the reviews). I hope this helps.

Hi Holly

My wife recently gt a Kindle and has been able to download free books from Amazon directly via wi-fi. When trying to download from dailyfreebooks, however, she's had no success. Could you please explain how it's done.

Many thanks in advance



nice tip thanks. I had a look in awesomebooks.com while ago...

Thanks Maureen, THey seem to be a Rakuten company now. Rakuten is the japanese Amazon equivalent.

I understand. The books I'm after are very specific. I'm not reading romances or fantasy but more educative books i need to broaden my skills... If this books would be available locally it would be great !

Thank you Holly, I will definetly check out the links provided!

very nice tips thanks!

I’ve just started using http://www.awesomebooks.com - they do new and used and charge a flat fee of €4.25 for shipping regardless of the number of books.

I have used play.com. They are similar to Amazon, in that when you search for a title you have the choice of new and used books. I have also used the book people who have large discunts on selected books. Not sure if they deliver to France though. Happy reading.

Until recently I ran a second hand english bookshop alongside my garage near Chalais in the Charente but as I am busy with the car side of things I have sold the bookshop stock to someone who has re opened it in St Severin. On Mondays there is a stall in the Chalais market & on Friday's market in Riberac likewise so, unless I want a specific book there is plenty of choice locally.

In many areas with a sizeable Anglophone community, there are regular book sales. For instance, here in Pézenas (Hérault) there is a monthly get-together where individuals can buy/sell books for 1€. Because I read an average of (at least) 1 book a week I rely mostly on my Kindle & have found 3 websites where I can find free or inexpensive books delivered instantly. www.dailyfreebooks.com , www.pixelofink.com , and www.bookbub.com . I registered at each site, selected my preferences for genre, & now receive daily emails with links to books that match my criteria.

I swap on BookMooch - www.bookmooch.com. You list the books you want to give away, thus acquiring points to 'spend' on getting ("mooching") books from others. You pay the postage to send books, but nothing to receive books. It is a good way of trading books, but has become expensive with recent postage hikes.

Check Amnesty Intl booksales. I often pick up a carrier bag of books at around 1€ each, and they're usually glad to take the bag of books I take with me off my hands.

abebooks.fr is worth comparing to Amazon, but as with any site, you need to check on the postage costs.

Emmaus often has English books.

I'm going to be moving in the next few months, and am busy packing books. Too many that I want to keep and too many still to read. There's a moratorium on any books coming into my house for the next few months. I'm trying to reduce the book stash at present!

twice a year we go to the Phoenix charity sale near Bergerac books cost £1 and so far so good we get enough each time to keep us going (when we finished a book we give it back to them).

No, I just use Gutenberg as and when need arises. I am not sure about e-unis and user status because I have been member of one since 1966 and am not about to change in my latter years. Anyway, it is also allows us to use a couple of US libraries and the British Library collection that are also (English language) copyright collections so tend to give a 99.9999% chance of finding any book with an ISBN (or earlier system of enumeration and recording) from about the 1860s on. So, even as a so-called 'scholar' I know virtually nothing about e-unis.

Thanks again. Great resources !

plus I can get some online from the copyright collection I am member of because it is 'my' university, thus good fortune, otherwise I ask friends to copy or scan in and send.

Are you a member of Gutenberg?

I also was suggesting some e-university resources.

I came across this new project called: konozlearning.com

Its a free university and youtube education center platform.


Ah yes, biblio but they are very useful for rare books that normally cost an arm and a leg. If I need rare texts then the chances are I am looking for a few extracts, so Google books sometimes have what I am looking for Project Gutenberg have an ever growing online collection, https://www.gutenberg.org/, plus I can get some online from the copyright collection I am member of because it is 'my' university, thus good fortune, otherwise I ask friends to copy or scan in and send. With a bit of effort, most books can be found one way or another unless it is simply books in the hand to read for pleasure when I buy as the cheapest price.

I did forget one other source, Chapitre are the best French online dealer by far after Amazon and have books in English is required: http://www.chapitre.com .