Where do you get your yarns?

A question for all you knit/crochet members - where do you buy your yarns? I was going to do a search on internet and also Pages Jaunes but don't know exactly what search terms to use. I did find a small section in Centrakor but the selection of yarns and needles are somewhat limited.

I'd be grateful for any pointers/advice.

Thanks, Sheila

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I am now knitting with some wonderful Bluefaced Leicester wool which I bought from wwww.greatbritishyarns.co.uk . If you want something special, it is definitely worth a look. My pattern is superb and Sharon is very helpful.

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for this, I've had a look at your site and have bookmarked it for the future.


Thanks Karen. I am now selling yarns but will take a look at the Wool Warehouse. I can't post a link to my wool website, but it is listed on my profile page: http://www.survivefrance.com/profile/SheilaWalshe

Thanks Sealey. I also sell those yarns. :-)

Hi again,

I've just bought some cotton yarn from the Wool Warehouse. Good choice of yarn and colours, quick delivery - I ordered Monday night and it arrived on Saturday and good communication too. Postage was £6.99 to France, I didn't think this was too bad as I've paid €5.90 p&p from a French site in the past. OK if you are ordering several balls.


I get mine from Fascinating Yarns who sell online http://fascinatingyarns.yarnshopping.com/ amazingly the wool turns up in about a day...

drool.... I think I will be looking at this site for quite a while!

Try www.garnstudio.com they do Drops yarns and have branches all over Europe .... delivery is very quick and not too expensive and their range of yarn is excellent ... I belong to a knitting group and we've all ordered from them ..

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I will Pamela. Give me a few days.


Hi all and thanks to everyone for their replies. It would appear that for many of us, buying on line is the best option, particularly if your location is rural.

Hi Anna and thanks for that. It does take a bit of getting used to - living in rural France, and the thought of going anywhere near Carcassonne in high season fills me with dread!

Is the Géant Salvaza the one near the airport (Salvaza being the clue)? I sometimes go to Cultura so could combine both trips.

Do please drop in next time you are in Lagrasse. It's ages since we've seen you (we've moved, by the way). All my contact details are on my Facebook page, and I've set up a new FB page showcasing the knits and crochet.

Hope all the family are well.

Hi Sheila, I used to do quite a bit more knitting and crochet and I almost always used this wonderful Mercerie in Carcassonne right around the corner from the HSBC Branch. It is AUDE COUTURE TRICOT,2 rue Frederic MISTRAL 11000 Carcassonne.

  • 04 68 71 46 51
  • mobile : 06 62 56 89 40

They have a decent selection of yarns, cotton, wool, mix and great worth a visit.

There is also another yarn place in Géant Salvaza. I think it is called ATELIER DES LOISIRS and it is next to the Leonidas chocolate shop. She has a good selection of cotton as well as mixed and wool yarns. There are two others in the Bastide in Carcassonne, one is situated 37 rue de Verdun, and the other is 3 rue Victor Hugo and it is called LA BOUTONIERE. I have been to this one occasionally as it does have some nice yarn.

Hope this is of help and I would love to crochet with you next time I have a free moment!

If you are looking in the Pages Jaunes just look under Mercerie.

oops just noted that L'OisiveThe is in the 13th, in fact, not the 15th, in Paris.

Hello Sheila - I love to knit and crochet and I'm a "yarn snob" - i like high quality yarns and accessories. I order most of my yarn from Laine et Tricot, they're based in Nantes, have good prices, reliable delivery, and also stock the knitting magazine "Vogue Knitting" that i really like.
For the harder to find luxury type yarns, in particular Artyarns that are absolutely top quality (and EXPENSIVE ufortunately), I order either from Maschenkunst based in Cologne, Germany or directly from the usa at Fabulous Yarns, shipping cost is not too bad. Both of these sites often have interesting sales - for ex Maschenkunst does 1 Euro sales regularly and i've gotten some very nice yarn from them that way. Also knitting in France is a newer bilingual website that also sells luxury yarns and accessories...i like exploring that one but have never bought anything from it yet. And I almost forgot to mention L'OisiveThé, a lovely bilingual store in Paris (15e) that also sells yarn and kits online.

kind regards, Lorraine

could you post some pics and prices, Kathleen?

Hello Sheila and/or anyone else interested - I have a largish quantity of yarn which I'm willing to sell.

It's mostly DK100% wool, some machine washable, some mohair and quite a lot on cones also100% wool - some aran and some 4ply.


Haven't bought wool for a while and now wanting to source some sock wool (and following up on some suggestions already from forum members), but we are reasonably close to an alpaca wool place which I want to visit when I have chance:

and I just found this place near Foix:

let me know if you find something worthwhile as I am interested too.

We have the HQ for Plassard about half an hour from us, near Matour. It is an old mill in the middle of nowhere.

They stock their own yarns and patterns and also Debbie Bliss and are very helpful.

hiya, mainly emmaus. I create things according to what wool I can find:)