Where do you send your kids to (bilingual) school outside of Paris?

Hi everyone,

I'm American and my husband is French, and we currently live in Aubervilliers. We're thinking about having kids sometime in the near future, and we're also thinking about where we want to move permanently, and possibly buy a place.

I definitely DON'T want to stay in the 93 (the Bobigny prefecture is a nightmare!), and I was thinking we could move to a place like Chartres or Orleans that's about 1h from Paris by train. That way, we could get a better place, and if I commute into Paris a few days a week (I usually work from home), the train would be a nicer commute than the RER, and I'd get into Montparnasse, where I'd work.

The problem is that I don't really want to send our kids to public French schools, and I'd want to find a good bilingual / private school for them. The only ones I know are in the Paris area, or in Saint Germain en Laye, which I'm pretty sure we can't afford.

I'm googling, of course, but does anyone know of any good schools in one of the little, not-too-far cities like Chartres, Orleans, Rouen, etc. that they recommend? Thanks!