Where do you shop?

I’ve noticed that there have been a few mentions of different sites used to supply tea bags, beans and curry powder in the various discussions. I’m in the process of compiling a helpful ‘shopping list’ of stores / companies that ship to France , come recommended and provide value for money. This can them all be listed in one place on the network to make it easier to find.

So if you’ve bought / buy stuff from the UK or elsewhere whether its food, clothes , trampolines or mobile phones, please can you let me have the link or other details. And feel free to PM me if you prefer?


Catharine x

Hi Suzanne, glad to see someone from l'Herault. Been in the area for six years now and never met any Brits. Would be nice to meet some of the SFN members in the Herault region for a get- together somewhere just for a chat and know each other and have a drink. It will save someone like me and my husband trotting off to UK or the US just to re-connect. We have nice French neighbours, hence we've been here six years. But it will be nice to keep in touch with good old Brits, what do you say? Regards

Catherine Carpenter

just to let you know we have just recently added a new service which offers the opportunity for anyone in France to shop in the U.K. at there favourite supermarket(s) and have their goods delivered to their door in France. take a look at our web site for info www.7525distribution.com

Just looked at their home page english,scottish, irish - NO WELSH WELL NOT IMPRESSED

You don’t need to look to the UK for favourite foods. www.coopers.fr

we are www.7525distribution.com
and we deliver goods from all major retailers to various parts of france

We’ve added a number of new stores to www.UK4Me.co.uk since last year and we’ll be adding more soon. Even with the increase in UK VAT it still is worth checking out your favourite UK high street stores as significant savings can be made on the same item in France. Particularly true of baby stuff which is horrifically priced in France and some items in the UK don’t have VAT like childrens clothes & books which means they are cheaper anyway. There seems to be better competition too so we get lower prices.

I have just written a post on my blog regarding a UK grocery order I placed with Tesco and had delivered by 7525 Distribution to my home in the Lot-et-Garonne, SW France. Details are here

we regularly ship goods for clients from the uk to france and have ongoing relationships with all major retailers

this is not true we have a working relationship with tesco sainsbury etc and they will deliver
to us for onward shipment

Hi, interesting comments. We use John Price the butcher and he’s very good. I also order from House of Fraser, Debenhams, New Look, Republic, Fragrance Direct and Half price perfumes to name a few. My teenage daughter loves the New Look site.It’s £6 delivery I think. It’s much cheaper than the french site. Keep the ideas coming as France is just too expensive to shop.

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Woo hoo! Fame at last! xx

In the Carcassonne area there’s a little British shop on Rue Armagnac (just off Place Carnot, parallel to Rue Georges Clemenceau), she sells lots of traditional UK foods and will order things in specially if you ask her.
Number is 04 68 72 29 84 and she’s open 10am till 4pm Tuesday to Friday and Saturday 10am till 1pm. I don’t think there’s a website though.
B xxx

I recently wanted a new HDTV and was convinced that I might have to buy it UK to get a decent price. Prices for the model I wanted were too high in the French shops and supermarkets so I searched the internet and found ‘Super 10 Discount’ based in Toulouse / Bordeaux. I ordered by phone and, as I am only an hour away, picked up the TV four / five days from ordering!
I paid about 250 euros less than cheapest discounted English price.

Worth checking out.


can i draw your attention to your pdf ‘SNF Shopping List’ under middlemen you have placed Stirling Shopping :slight_smile:

We’ve just added Debenhams to www.UK4Me.co.uk as they now deliver to France and we have the latest special offers for Debenhams on our offers page.


UK Stores Delivering Overseas

Is anyone using shopping services that deliver your Tesco/Ada etc online order to your home in France?

We have launched a site called www.UK4Me.co.uk which lists all our favourite UK stores delivering overseas (not just to France but Europe, Worldwide & BFPO). We’ve included reviews of the delivery & the items we’ve purchased from our favourite UK stores and we regularly update the site with discounts & special offers for savings. We don’t include offers that are UK Only as that would be useless to most of the target audience for our site. We also have our buying tips & guides for people who are unsure about the process of ordering online/overseas delivery.

We add new stores as we discover them & are always happy to take recommendations from other customers if they can share their experience with us.

UK Stores Delivering Overseas

Version one of the compiled list is in pdf format and is attached to this post. You will need Acrobat Reader to view it.