Where do you walk your dog?

I have a few different walks I do with Hatchi, but sometimes there have been obstacles why I can't walk him somewhere. The chasse for one, I always make him wear a reflective jacket so if we do come across them he will be seen. Private property is another thing I am worried about, my morning walk is a communal route which goes on for about 8km, but either side is private property woods... I do worry when he goes running up through the woods, he is only running, but I don't want to get into trouble.

I live in a small town, and not many open fields/woods around here so drive 5 minutes up the road each morning, would love to find some new walks, but I just never feel confident I'm not trespassing!

I keep meaning to visit the tourist office to see if they have any walking route suggestions.

“Not this stupid vest when I go out.” He is really getting mad and it spoils his fun. So he is now just checking the garden for a few minutes… And I understand why. When I sometimes see an 80 y.o. with a cartridge belt around his chest, I am never sure whether he would see the red vest at all.

Thanks for the links Joanna, they are brilliant... definitely have some other routes on there, although I can see a few go across busy roads, which is fine as long as I know they're there in advance!! Hatchi will love going to different places, think he's getting a bit bored of our normal walks.

I was told to put my dog on a lead the other week by someone, the chasse wasn't even down there but she said the dog might chase the animals. I looked online about laws about dogs on leads and there aren't any, as long as the dog is under you control and within 100m it can be off the lead.

I'm in Saint Savin Annie :)

Where are you Jo? Maybe other local dog walkers can give you ideas?

Hi Jo,

we have trouble with the hunters too, our house and land is surrounded by private land who gives permission to hunters to use and because they have paid for the privalage they think that they own the place. I have been stopped by them walking down a public road and told that I have to have my dogs on a lead! No chance I am doing that for them, I put them no so that we can pass without problem for my boys and then let them off again. What I do know is that you are ok on the GR (Grande Randonnee) http://www.gr-infos.com/gr-en.htm GR48 comes through Saint Savin, walking routes and communal roads, the hunters should be facing into the fields or woods from the road and not be hunting along the roads. The town house should also be able to tell you where the communal roads are, tourist information should also be able to give you maps of the communal footpaths. There are quite a few between us at Villemort and Haimes, there were some new ones opened recently called Le Carnaval des Chats http://www.pays-montmorillonnais.fr/page.php?id=570.