Where does your food come from?

In most countries, stunning is believed to be more humane and is required prior to slaughter. However, there are many exemptions for religious slaughter, where Muslims and Jews argue that animals feel no pain.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/polish-court-rules-religious-animal-slaughter-illegal.html#ixzz2DuVSVB8d

Watch the video if you dare. Where does your meat come from ?

Ate Capon this very day at the annual Pompier’s Christmas luncheon, which Father Christmas attended to dish out presents to the children, and it was delicious. If they are grown on the local farm then I think it is done the old way but otherwise is it not done chemically ?

I have watched the Video and I think that a lot of the edited coments are inacurate eg that it is not post mortem twitching (what ever that is ?) there are two phases of muscle contraction at slaughter the clonic phase and the tonic phase both of which are diffrent,and in my experience the only way to tell if an animal was properly knocked out that if there is a voluntary movement of the eye when touched,but I have seen animals get onto there feet after being hit with a captive bolt shot so there is no perfect way only best practise,when I worked in the Uk a lot of animals were killed Halal as it opens up both markets but a lot of slaughter houses used to stun before Halal slaughter so it would not make a lot of diffrence,

To me this is another go at Muslims and Jewish people which to me is out of order at this time of year which is not very Christian or not as I was brought up to belive` good will to all men `

I hope you all have a very good Christmas and think about the poor chicken that runs around the yard after it has had its head cut off (spinal cord severed etc) maybe cows could do that if they did not weigh over a ton

ps,I think that in France you can still buy a Capon (castrated cockrel)not in the UK though I will not go into that but I think that is cruel ,but I am not orthodox as I love foie gras and think of this practise as the animal equivalent to Mac Donalds,

Bon appetit

Joyeux Noel

Often enough the stunner does not work properly either. The problem is that meat comes from warm animals with nice eyes and that most people divorce themselves from that fact. I dare say that many people, if they took a tour of an abbatoir and saw how animals are killed, evicerated and butchered would no longer eat meat. Few people the hypocricy of eating meat whilst being squeamish about how it is killed and butchered. No, I am not a vegetarian

From the butcher?