Where is it best to purchase a campervan?

I have friends from Australia coming over to home/dog sit for me and they are going to tour France, Spain etc. for a year and are looking to purchase a campervan. They have seen one on a Dutch site 1994 VW 1,9TD pop-top 2 berth camper for Eu4,500. Which EU country is the best to purchase a vehicle from? I know France is very expensive. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you they bought one from a "dealer" in Holland and were well and truly, to put it politely, cheated. The van had a leak in the cooling system and it wrecked the engine. Now they are on the way back to Amsterdam to the woman and hoping to get their money back - I bet they only get a small part.

For another guy from Australia I tried to find something but it is very difficult... Especially when it come to the price tag, then it seem most patchwork comes to surface. If you do not look careful, it will end in a bad experience. What Steve is mentioning is very important: You need to have to ask for the written records of CT in France, for TUV in Gemany. If you don't you will most likely run into trouble because you will not be able to make the seller responsible....

It looks you are searching for such little one , but you the milage... and then the price.

You may be better of getting a Subaru Outback or Forrester (in Switzerland) which tow bar, then you can get yourself a little trailer like a Eriba Puck or Eriba Familia. The benefit is, you have a car and don't have to carry half a house through narrow little streets... The Subarus are not expensive, but reliable and the trailer can be bought cheap quite cheap after the holiday season...

Good luck!

Be very careful as there are many shonks out there (unfortunately one on this otherwise wonderful site). The latest trick is to hijack an ad from a reputable site and change the phone or email contact details and drop the price. Frequently, they will then advise that they cant met you (many say they are in army and cant get leave) but will deliver the vehicle. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is - the big difference is how professional these guys have become. Plus as Aussies, they are probably used to the ability to have NRMA (our equivalent of AA) do a check on second hand vehicles. I was never able to find an equivalent process in France

Ok thanks I will tell them. Its really helpful.

I take my fully winterised Laika motorhome to Southern Spain for four months in the winter. Its to big to travel and park in any large city like Granada, Seville etc, now looking for a VW T25 Westfaila, cheap to buy, easy to park and sleep, golf engine, just be fussy and your friends will find a good one through the T25 club on facebook plus very helpful with lots of support.

Thank you, they are flying from Brisbane into Paris and I don't think are planning to go to the UK. They are looking at various sites for the best deal. They will use it between house sits.

Thank you I will pass the info on.

Thank you, I think they are planning to home sit whenever they can, and travelling around. I expect they will travel south for the winter months. I think they will only sleep in it for an emergency. It is their big trip and want to visit as many places as possible before going back.


If they are going to live in it over winter they may need something a lot warmer than the VW you mention unless they intend to spend winter in Portugal/Spain. Also they tend to have rock 'n roll beds that may sound like fun but involve the back-seat sliding forward & the backrest making the top of the bed-not comfy + limited heating, toilet, cooking facilities & NO shower.

Here's a link to a UK dealer who will look on a German vehicle site for them having listened to what they & check out several vehicles with & for them for a fee-http://www.bundesvan.co.uk/index.php -he is very helpful.

Having lived in our winterised Hymer since September 2014, I would not do the same in a VW van conversion-the newer T5 engines are great but the older ones have a tendency to break down!

Germany is OK but Belgium has a reputation for being cheap to finally answer your question.


I have always found vehicles substantially cheaper in Holland as against British prices. French prices are through the roof and I do not understand why more French people do not buy second hand vehicles in Holland, Germany and Spain.

I have a Motorhome but looking to change. Having done a little research, If its a VW T25 you are after, prices in UK are approx. £5000 on Ebay for a fair condition vehicle but not many LHD.

A similar vehicle on Holland and Germany sells for 5000 euros. The exchange rate is making a major difference if your from UK. I have also read somewhere that there are dealers that will sell you a vehicle, help you to insure it, as not being a resident you will have difficulties, they will then buy it back at the end of your tour.