Where is my posting?

I recently posted asking for tips on beginning to accept credit cards for our b&b business.

I have not had any responses - but more importantly, I have not seen this post yes. Is there a long delay before it goes live - or perhaps it has been overlooked?

yes I saw mine appear Geoff

Yes Claire I have looked and it is not there either.

Even if nobody replies, surely we should see it appear once. Did you see your appear?

If not, perhaps you have had the same problem



Have you looked to see if it appears in your discussions you can chose replied to or posted.

I also submitted a post about accepting card payments a while back that got no replies, it did "go live" but I have to assume no one had any knowledge that would make things clearer for me.

I was asking a specific question about the New attachments for smart phones that mean you can swipe someone's card when not in a shop situation. I work on foires and markets so the idea bears investigating for me. It seems I am ahead of the game and no one else has heard of or uses that gadget yet. Hey ho.