Where is the best place to live.....in France and why?

We have a lovely property here but even though we love our work we are not getting any younger

and wonder where we should concider moving to.....when the time comes.

As long as we are discussing France.

know what you're saying, Peter ;-)

If I had choice I would go to Albi, great town with decent climate and lovely countryside in the area, handy for Toulouse also.

I agree about 65 though Tarbes itself is not the most beautiful city in France. If you like mountains the area south of Tarbes around Bagnères-de-Bigorre is great

I live in the Var and love it. While I like to visit its posh neighbour, I dislike the crowded feel and general lack of space to breathe. Having said that, there's a lot of construction going on and our roads will become as difficult as the Riviera's in time. I live slightly inland, near the coast, and wouldn't choose to be anywhere else. The northern part of the Var gets a lot more frost and snow in the winter (although not this year), and in the summer it doesn't benefit from the sea breezes.

Yes, the Mistral is a pain, agree with Andrew that the beaches are off limits in the summer season, yes the cost of living is high, but I love it. I have heard that Montpelier is a lovely place to be near...

The best place I have lived is the Cap D'Antibes - we were only renting unfortunately otherwise I could have retired by now! It is beautiful.

Corsica is not far behind and a lot cheaper although is remote (being an Island of course).. however people are great and the scenery is beautiful.

Otherwise 34 Hérault is a very good compromise taking into account budget and practicality as well as lifestyle.

I agree, 34 has a lot going for it.. mostly flattish and easy to get around, cheap property, rural areas as well as decent sized town Montpellier (with great airport/train links), several medium sized towns (Beziers/Pezanas), good food, cheap wine, reasonable weather, beautiful hills/mountains starting just in the northern/western edge, coast (although sea is COLD compared to Cote D'Azur), Canal du Midi, etc etc etc. Three hours from Paris in the train, same to Barcelona, two by car to Toulouse, Nice only four or so hours... Spent three years in Béziers and loved living there.

By the way Tarbes is number 65000

For me Tarbes in South West France is the best, it has everything and property prices are cheaper than most other parts of France.

What is on your list of priorities!!!

If you like gardening, the 'good life', cycling and being surrounded by beautiful chateaux and countryside then it's the Loire valley from Blois westwards.

Superb area, David! Bordeaux really is extra special.


Can look it up but prefer to say"Good morning " and ask you

personaly ...where is 34?

Some excellent replies here! But keeping it simple 34!

the Var is up there in my top 10 ;-)

My region rich in sunshine for the season and painfuly cold just now.

Natives good at spotting brits. Ready to be devowed by greedy garage owners

and builders with a massive appertive for mattress filling.

Sadly devoid of good places to dine.

Stunningly beautiful and producing some of the finest wine in the world.

I rather like Saumur and close by.

The VAR, for it's seasons,it's scenery, the Gorge de Verdon, Lac de Saint Croix, the forests, St Tropez, Nice, Italy, Spain, all in easy reach,

Against, higher cost of living, general lack of customer service.


Could have answered "42", but that would imply a profound knowledge of the Ultimate Question and it's parallels with the one Barbara posed. LOL