Where is the money coming from

Yes, I can see where it’s going… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ultimately the same place all other government revenue comes from - taxpayers.

About time the Taxpayers said NO MORE…

You don’t pay it’s you in trouble.
These damned politicians will be looking for new jobs soon.

Not as obvious as it sounds Paul - since the UK could print as much money as it wants or needs. The relationship between tax and spending can look very different if you view the role of taxation merely as removing inflation from the system…

Yes, the government can inflate the money supply if it wishes, as it did massively post 2008 - but I think it is generally accepted as a bit of a last ditch move.

As it happens ISTR reading that tax receipts were up, relieving the chancellor of some of the normal pressure associated with his job.

Probably from the “Pot Hole Fund”, savings from “Winter Fuel Payments” to ex Pats in France, Theresa May’s frequent travelling expenses to Brussels, handouts to pro Brexiteer Consultants & Grayling’s dubious Contract dealings, just to mention a few! Where’s Rees Mogg currently?? Gone to ground under the threat of the re-introduction of Fox Hunting in the last Tory Manifesto?? Tally Ho!!!