Where to buy a PC

I want to buy a decent PC or laptop for everyday household use plus Zoom and various other recent innovations, but I want something of decent quality without spending a lot! Companies exist in the UK that sell reconditioned ones that have been used in businesses, but have been properly refurbished and come with a 12 month guarantee. Does anyone know of companies in France that do the same thing?

Our local computer shop does this and I have two of his offerings which work very well.
Depends on where you are as to whether this might be an option for you but you should be able to look at a selection at your local megasin informatique - support your local high street before it disappears in rocket fuel tickets for Jeff Bezos :wink:

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There used to be an online service that kept sending me fax ads for such a service, but I can’t remember what they were called, or if they even still exist. They sold reconditioned, or refurbished business oriented kit that they’d get from liquidations. It was pretty good value too.

I see, after a quick search, that there are actually quite a few websites out there that offer this service, e.g.:

I’ve had a couple of reconditioned laptops (and phones and a Nikon) from Backmarket that have all worked fine. Nevertheless, I’m currently looking to replace an 18 month old HP 17" laptop that was bought brand new, but whose case has split in three different places (one year guarantee). The hinges are badly designed, they put pressure on the casing which is too thin. It’s been patched with heavier plastic top and bottom, but this has only been a temporary solution. I think this is my eighth laptop in 25 years and its build quality is the second worst (the 2002 Tiny, takes first prize, it just disintegrated!).

One of the disadvantages of buying online in France is that one isn’t able to assess the construction quality of the machine in the local PC World. OH has a 17" Lenovo whose screen hinges are completely different so am thinking of getting similar from CDiscount.

Not sure if you’re aware that there’s a law regarding the sale of new products must come with a two year guarantee of conformity.

How easy it will be to claim May be another matter entirely! But at least within two years the law is very much on your side for such defects.

Thanks, unfortunately I’ll still need a working laptop long before any claim could be resolved.

Saw Backmarket recommended on 60 Millions but no personal experience.

I personally buy only Lenovo as I’m very hard on computers and those are the ones that stand up to me. Dell doesn’t though nice machines. HP would give me access to a discount and very goodlooking machines but like you I never found them solid.

@DrMarkH I got an email 2 days ago in the US Lenovo are selling off Legions (solid, not that portable) on a promo. They ship anywhere in the world for free. No customs duty is payable on computers into France just VAT and you won’t pay US sales tax. Sign up to the program they use for educational discounts, or alternatively other worthwhile discounts via an independent verification site (see payment page) also applicable on sale pricing. You may need a friend in the US to pay or other creative solutions. Guarantee is usually 3 years or 1 year check which.

There are also some rather obvious legitimate back door discount sellers for Lenovo on US Ebay. Watch a few weeks and you will spot them. Most charge shipping though, a few don’t, if shipping internationally. Lenovo guarantee is better though, operates worldwide regardless of where bought and you get that buying direct. Just before US schools go back after summer hols is a good time

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I bought a reconditioned phone on backmarket. Decent price, arrived quickly and works fine. Can’t really say much better than that.

Also just bought new Dell laptop (from Dell.fr) as wanted a qwerty keyboard.