Where to buy a shipping container?


I am looking to get hold of a shipping container for storage and put in my field.

Does anyone know where I can buy one in France?

Also are there planning or permission restrictions about having one?

We are in the Haute-Vienne.



Thanks so much for your help, much appreciated. Links were very useful.

Kind regards


That's right. You need to see with the mairie first : what area/zone your land is on (Secteur sauvegardé ? Site classé ? Réserve naturelle ? Zone urbanisée/à urbaniser/agricole, terrain constructible/non constructible,...). They should be able to tell you if your land can be built on and/or what size/kind of shed would be legal.

Here is the law : https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F662

But, as a container has no wheels and cannot be folded or moved easily, it's not mobile. Also, as you're likely to leave it there for more than 3months, it's not a temporary building.

Hi Roger, thanks for this, very helpful.

I've had a few quotes from these today and as you suggest delivery is a good chunk of the overall cost. Overall not unreasonable I thought particularly compared to, say, a wooden shed of similar capacity.

Do you happen to know about any permissions required? I'm wondering whether it can be classified as "mobile" and therefore no permission required. As Shirley says, maybe just best to ask the Mairie.

Thanks again

Excellent, thanks Shirley

EBAY, then ... surprise surprise, a transporter.

Hi, Adrian,

If you google "acheter un conteneur", you'll get plenty of company names. But, as Google gives different answers to different users, here is a short list:
- http://www.resotainer.fr/VENTE-conteneurs/1/11.html
- http://www.boxinnov.com/
- http://www.containerinfo.net/ou.htm
- http://www.carucontainers.com/fr/services/acheter-des-conteneurs
- http://www.acm-container.com/container-marine.htm
- http://www.container-occasion.net/
- ...
And classified ad websites might be a good idea too, if you know what you are doing.

I looked into it, a couple of years ago and it turned out to be rather expensive. But it depends on the need you have of it. Anyway, be prepared to pay the delivery charges for a lorry and a crane. And there is also some earthwork to be foreseen.

Adrian, I just googled your question and it came up with eBay! Give it a try…

I can’t answer your other Questions, I guess your local Mairie is the best place to ask!